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Subwoofer placement problem!

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Hi there,

I have come to AVSForum for help on my subwoofer. I have a Polk Audio TL2600 Package. This includes Five Polk TL2 satellites and subwoofer which is included in the package. The sub is 8 inch, 100 watts. The problem I have is that the bass is fairly absent in a lot of places in my living room. I have uploaded some pics to help illustrate what is going on.

DSCF6358-edit.JPG 774k .JPG file

The following pic shows a red circle, where the bass is relatively absent, unlike the previous position where it was fine.

DSCF6359-edittedd.JPG 686k .JPG file

What I would want to know is where can I place my sub, so that I can hear it from both the seating positions I have identified??

By the way, I am well aware that the room is in a incredible mess at the moment, I took this photo in a rush so yeah!
Also, the satellites are superb, the problem with them, JUST the SUB.

I hope this wasnt too confusing to understand!! If it is, please tell and I will try make some adjustments to my description so that it makes more sense!!!

Thank you very much!!!
Ash smile.gif
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This may sound odd, but it is worth a try. Put the sub right behind the middle sofa. Your problem is that the room modes are cancelling in the middle of the room. If it works, then the question is how to keep it there in a cosmetically acceptable way. If it does not solve the problem, you may need to add a second subwoofer opposite the first, but we should save that discussion for later.
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Thank you for the reply Roger,

The middle sofa is the one at the back. So I should put it behind that? The problem is that I won't have enough cable reaching that far from my receiver. And the entrance to the house is behind it so you would see a masive box upon entering. Haha. So yeah I would try but the cable for it isn't long enough.
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Any other suggestions guys?

Thank you! smile.gif
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I have seen the "sub crawl" described in other threads. Never did it myself, but it makes sense.

Put the sub in the prime listening location, then walk around the room to find out where it sounds best. Then put the sub there.

You can search here for "sub crawl"

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If the "sub crawl" doesn't help the situation, a "Pub crawl" may be useful. smile.gif
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Yeah i would do the Sub crawl but my cables aren't long enough, so the sub wont reach the actual seat position!

Thanks for the input anyways guys...
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The excuse that the cable isn't long enough doesn't hold water for me. Any RCA cable would work for the temp work of the sub crawl. Here is a cheap cable for you to use to find the best location. CLICKIE. I don't mean to sound callous when I say the above statement, it is just if you are interested in finding the best location there are ways around pretty much everything, not that I have money to burn but I think for less than 10 bucks shipped that is a fair trade off to find the best location. I also say that considering what your budget is and whether you can spring for it, you could sell the sub on Craigslist and get a bigger sub that would have far more umph and output for your room if you are looking for that in your face room shaking experience. If you are happy with the Polk sub, and you are just trying to get the best out of that sub, then as others have suggested the "sub crawl" is the best/quickest way to do that.

Even though you say its is a mess, that looks like a nice cozy space to enjoy a movie or big game.

Good luck,


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To add to RTROSE's comment, you can also connect RCA cables together with a coupler to get the required length for testing. You or a friend may have one lying around.

It is definitely worth it to achieve the best placement possible.
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+1 to the others comments. It's going to take some effort on your part. There's no silver bullet answer to this question. A sub crawl will likely get you the lowest hanging fruit (and may very well be the least effort). So run down to Wally World and buy some RCA's or some couplers. Let us know how it goes! biggrin.gif
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Hey guys,

Thanks for the suggestions!

Ill be honest, and tell why I said what I said. I don't have the time anymore to do the sub crawl because I have exams coming up!
Even still i should have done the sub crawl a while ago. mad.gif

After my exams (and depending on how they go) biggrin.gif ill most likely get the SVS pb 13ultra. That's probably overkill but I will balance it out with a pair of Polk RTI A7's. I'm an insane bass head ESP when it comes to movies with heavy LFE content.

But yeah I will tell you guys how that goes!

Thanks again for all the help!

BTW- RTROSE, thanks for the compliment about the room. But trust me the wiring down where the TV is an absolute forest. smile.gif
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