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$2500 budget!

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Dedicated home theater used for movies, TV, Sports, and gaming, so lag is a concern, albeit not a HUGE one, still present.

The projector will be approximately 16-17 ft. from the screen, and around 10-15 inches higher than the screen as well in a soffit in the back of the dedicated home theater.

I will be using a 92" Elite Screens Cinewhite screen.

I was initially looking at the Epson 8350, because of the good reviews it got for lag time and picture quality for the price.

Is there a better projector out there that I can get for that price range?
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Basically just wondering if I can get a better projector with low lag times for under 3,000. (I found another $500 I could spend haha!)

I prefer a non DLP projector, as I don't want the rainbow effect.

Screen size is definitely 92 inches, as I just ordered the screen, and it will be projecting from 16 feet out and it will be about 18 inches above the screen.
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For your budget and gaming interests, it looks to me like the Panasonic AE7000 is the best fit @ $2550 with a couple pair of 3D glasses under a current promotion.
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