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Question about getting 5.1 audio via Laptop HDMI output ..

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Hi guys .. I have a question here, and I'm not really sure if my laptop drivers are at fault, or is my general home theater system setup at fault ..

I have a Sony F13 laptop, which I connect to my Sony BRAVIA 46EX720 to watch movies on the big screen ... This 46EX720 is then connected to a Sony DAV-DZ640K Home Theater System, via a HDMI Audio Return cable ..

Now, when I connect my PC to my 46EX720 HDTV via a HDMI cable, I only get 2 audio channels, as can be seen here:

But ... My PS3 and Xbox 360 detect 5.1 audio, and they also connect more or less in the same way

PS3 <---- HDMI ---> 46EX720 <---- HDMI Audio Return ---> DAV-DZ640K
Xbox 360 <---- HDMI ---> 46EX720 <---- HDMI Audio Return ---> DAV-DZ640K

So I'm not sure if my Laptop is at fault, for not detecting 5.1 channels, or is my TV at fault, for not telling the Laptop that it can only support 2 audio channels, whereas it can actually support 5.1 too, because its itself sending all audio data to a home theater system its connected to ..

For my PC, I have tried 3 sets of audio drivers:

1) the latest NVidia Graphics Drivers (which also install the NVida HD Audio Drivers)
2) the Realtek HD Audio drivers from my Laptop's manufacturer's (Sony) site
3) the Realtek HD Audio drivers from Realtek's website

On all three, upon connecting the laptop to EX46720, I only get 2 audio channels in stereo formation ...

So what's at fault here ? Any ideas ?
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What happens if you connect the laptop to the receiver first, then the receiver to the HDTV?
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Originally Posted by has7738 View Post

What happens if you connect the laptop to the receiver first, then the receiver to the HDTV?

I can't do that, because the amplifier (which you're called the receiver) only has 1 HDMI port, for outputting a video signal to the HDTV, which also receives audio from the HDTV via audio return ... Still, I did try connecting the laptop directly with the amplifier, but nothing happened on both sides ... this makes sense because the laptop is expecting to be connected to something which can accept a video signal, but the receiver can only output a video signal (for outputting to the HDTV), and can only take in an audio signal (via audio return).... so basically my only solution here is to first connect the laptop/PS3/Xbox 360 with the HDTV, and then forward the audio the amplifier ..
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I suspect the problem is in the TV. During HDMI initialization, the capabilities of the target device is fetched in the form of "E-EDID" which tells the source the audio/video formats it can support. When using an intermediate devices such as the AVR, what comes back to the source is a composite of what it can do and what the display can do. So even though in that case the TV says it can only do 2-channel audio, the AVR overrides that part of the EDID message and inserts its own capability there. In your case, the TV is the "repeater" and is supposed to perform that transformation and it is not doing that. It is simply reporting what it can do since despite use of ARC, it doesn't think it is a repeater.

The other sources must be ignoring that message and outputting multi-channel audio which the combination of TV+HTIB can obviously handle.

The only part I can't figure out is why it says HDCP is not supported. The TV should be supporting that regardless of how it is used this way. That failing may point to issues in the laptop negotiating HDCP with the display. If that is broken for whatever reason, then it may also be part of the reason EDID exchange is not working either.

We have an HDMI analyzer we use to diagnose such problems. Without it, it is very hard to diagnose exactly where things are going wrong.

If you want a shotgun solution regardless smile.gif, you can try to override the EDID negotiation. Here is one such thread on how to do that: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1091403/edid-override-thread. As noted, there is a nice paper from Microsoft on what I just explained and ways to override it: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/gg487330.aspx. Note that this won't fix your HDCP problem so you can't use this to play protected content such as Blu-ray. Use your PS3 for that.

Good luck smile.gif.
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^^ Hmm .. interesting theory ..

Well I guess I can try that EDID override thing, but whats puzzling me is that both my PS3 and Xbox 360 connect via the same route (i.e. console -- TV -- Amplifier), and for both of them, whenever I detect the audio configuration, it tells me its 5.1 ...... So in light of this, isn't the TV correctly forwarding the capabilities is can support ?
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sony dav dz640k does not support HDMI audio return cable. It supports 1.3 hdmi cable. And dis HT does not have digital optical input so 5.1 audio from hdtv cannot be transmitted to the av reciever.
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