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MY 18 month old VT30 picture will click off---HELP

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All of a sudden, starting this morning my VT30 picture clicks off. The power light stays on, and two seconds later the picture comes back. It does this on any channel, and it also did this on a DVD/HDMI input. The problem is not related to signal strenght or input mode. When it first did this I thought we had a power failure...but then I noticed the red power light was still on. When it happens I clearly hear a "click" just like when the TV is turned on or off. What the heck....What now???
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Well, perhaps a bit of good news, if you can say having a screwed up expensive top-of-the-line TV is good news. We intentionally paid with a credit card which provided additional warranty coverage. So hopefully that will come through. Nonetheless, would like to know if anyone else incurred this problem and if so what was the cause/cure. We are not using the TV since the picture cut-out would occur about every five to ten minutes. This really ticks me off...
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no suggestions?

Also, here is a better description of the problem. TV will power up normally. Picture is excellent. After about 10 minutes of running the picture will "freeze" for a split second, program sound stops, and then the picture is completely gone...just like the TV has been turned off. However, the red power light on the TV remains on. A few seconds the picture and sound returns...picture is normal. A few minutes later it will crash again.

I tried running the set directly from the wall socket (and a different outlet too), but same results. When the set is crashing, the remote "power off" button will not turn the TV off. The remote off button only works when picture returns. Also, when the picture drops (crashing) I here a click just like when the set is turned off or on.
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Wish I could help, I feel your pain. I own a 65vt30 so I hope you get it sorted out. Let us know how it turns out.

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Tech came out today. Removed the back panel and did a few multi-meter tests. Did not push the TV into any kind of service menu. I guess I was expecting him to access something that would indicate the point of failure. Based on the fact that the power light stays lit, does not blink, and that the remote will not shut the tv off when its crashing, the consensus is that its the "main board". (he talked to someone else on his phone) $95 service call, $300 for the main board, and $131 labor...total $526. Now I get to see what my MasterCard extended warranty is worth.
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Personally ,I would hate to shell out $500.00+ on a "consensus of opinion".did you ask
what the alternative is if the set keeps doing the same thing?
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No, but I expect them to fix it...and I'll know soon enough after they replace the board.

They are also the repair shop given to me by Panasonic...and in theory my TV is still under "warranty" by the credit card company.
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Ok...my main board (part) came in and the tech came out to the house (very professional I might add) and replaced the board in just a few minutes. So far, that solved the problem. One thing to note, upon power up the TV acted like it was brand new. Had to reprogram all channels and all settings were at the default. Glad I didn't pay to have this set calibrated, since it looks as if those settings would have been lost with the board failure. Also, my CC company did pony up and pay for repairs. Keeping my fingers crossed...
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