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DIY Retrofit wiring?

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I get the keys to the new house this week and my first "project" is to properly wire the home for a distributed A/V system.

As such, I'll need a bunch of Cat6 and some speaker wire run to nearly every room in the house. It's a largish 2 story home that has an unfinished basement. After doing a bunch of research and reading here on AVS, I think I'll need a large conduit running from the basement equipment room to the attic where I can distribute cabling to each room and then drop down to required locations. Main floor seems a little more tricky but I'll come up from the basement.

I'm wondering what the general consensus is -- with an investment in some key tools and a couple of buddies to help out, is this a reasonable project to take on in a DIY fashion?

I did get a bunch of quotes from local Alarm companies, customer integrators and an electrician -- most in the $4k-$5k range without materials.

As I can source the materials inexpensively from a local supplier the cost savings would be significant if I could pull it off. I have family members who are handy with drywall so patch work probably won't be too difficult.

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In your case, with unfinished basement below and attic above, I think DIY retrofit is do-able, especially if you have the luxury of time - install piecemeal over the next year, take your time planning it out.

I found a big chase around my fireplace to retrofit conduit, attic to basement.
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I accessed the chase from 2 adjacent closets, one on each floor, and installed access panels to avoid repairing drywall, and so that I can add more conduits in the future if needed. I installed 2" orange LV flex conduit x 4.
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