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Hi everyone. I am experiencing some trouble with my Sony KVHS420. When viewing signals in HD (720p/1080i) the screen suffers from some focus problems. Not only are the edges blurry (as I have found to be common in these sets) but even text displayed in the center or anywhere on the screen in my PS3 XMB menu is blurry and out of focus. I have searched through the service code thread and managed to get into the service menu and mess around with the eight settings pertaining to focus that I know of (QPAM-DQP) but with just my eyes to gauge the results are improved, but less than satisfactory. Are there any other settings I can alter that aren't "dangerous" to mess around with (ie won't brick my tv)? Does anyone have a good set of values for this set that they could share (or PM to me)? Or do I need to crack open my set and manually alter the focus. I would prefer not to as I am not the most technologically inclined person around. And finally, would a calibration disc help? I was thinking something like
Or is there a disc better suited for a high definition CRT display (I am primarily using it for Blu-ray disc viewing on my PS3).
Sorry for the incredibly verbose, question laden post. Any and all help is appreciated.
So I decided to take a chance and use kentech's non-intrusive method of accessing the focus knob and it did really help the focus, but since of kind of OCD about this, it's still not as good as I imagine it could be. Anyone know of any non-dangerous service settings besides the eight (QPAM-DQP) that will help with focus? And has anyone had any luck with the Disney calibration blu-ray on a HD CRT?
Thanks again.
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