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Def Tech C/L/R 2002 x 3?

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I got a very good deal on 3 of these speakers and my plan was to use them as front and center speakers for a very timber matched setup, do you guys think it would be worth it to bi-wire all 3 speakers, the cable has already been run for bi-wireing the front 3 speakers when I first started building my HT.

I also have some bp 8 speakers that I could use as fronts along with 1 of the CLR 2002 speakers, not sure which configuration would give me the best sound, any thoughts on this?

What do you guys think would be great speakers for surrounds? I really like the UIW RSS II not sure if that would be ideal or sound right with any of these arrangements?

I also wanted to know your thoughts on the cs8060hd center channel, is that center better than the clr 2002 aside from having the built in sub?
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at one time i was thinking of going with 3 clr 2002 right now i have the clr 2002 as center and the sm 350 for left and right i would think that 3 clr 2002 would sound pretty good.
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