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I have a Choice Select IR distribution block ( that I want to take IR signals from two zones. Previously, I had two IR receivers that I extended with some CAT-3 and spliced together. It worked ok. At the time I was using an HDMI-to-Cat6 wall box that took 3 cables - 2 cat-6 for the HDMI and the cat-3 for the IR. I ended up moving and taking the IR distribution block and leaving everything else. I found a newer HDMI over Cat6 solution that has IR built in as well (which saves me running an extra wire) This isn't the exact model but it's close ( I plug the receiver in one end and a transmitter in the other. It's great but I have no idea how to connect this thing to my IR distribution block and one emitter isn't super-helpful with 6 or 7 things in my AV rack.

Any ideas?