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Originally Posted by BeeMan458 View Post

And based on the OP's OP, he was given good advice. As to AVR's, pre-outs and outboard Amps, I see you've not read the thread nor what I posted. The funny thing, all that I posted is right up above for you, the OP and anybody else to read and yet, you and the OP claim I didn't post what I posted. That's rich.
Yes, you're being argumentative and yes, you're doing so without reading the thread. A suggestion, please read the thread and from here, there's no point in our interacting anymore as I don't wish to get dragged into your argument.

I read the thread from top to bottom no advice that you gave is anything more than just basic knowledge wink.gif. When you find that information on the Marantz let me know. Thanks smile.gif.

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Speaking for myself, I certainly wasn't arguing or debating. Just responding to a statement which I thought was pretty questionable in thoughtfulness, consistency & logic wink.gif

I have no idea what the poster's posting history is or how many "conflicts" he seems to attract, but stating a hard position on what kind of speakers everyone should buy certainly can be construed as an invitation to debate & it doesn't need to be from members with lots of posts. especially since his statement doesn't seem to apply to his own choice in gear wink.gif

I think the OP himself saw it & that's what counts smile.gif

what seemed to get lost here is many people who seek advice on what to get, may think they know what they want or how much to budget but don't really know what's best for them - that's why they're asking! wink.gif it's EZ to take stated budget or other constraints as a hard position. it's much harder & I add more helpful to look past those, look at the bigger picture then guide the person to making a better choice. that's what good advice is supposed to be about, whether it's here or @ a dealer. now if someone says - I'm going to spend $ x and not a penny more, then that's a different story. I don't think that was the case here.
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Originally Posted by ss9001 View Post

actually, you're right, how about "short-sighted" wink.giftongue.gif
we all have valid points of view, so no offense, I just happen to look at it differently than you because I look at the longer term (4-5 yrs or more) & I've never just gone the lowest cost route just to get by. a few times I have to settle for next best thing. but I buy the best I think I can afford even if it's a stretch.
in this case, if it were me, I'd consider 1) how much I really like the current speakers 2) how much can I stretch my budget for a new receiver 3) how long I want to keep it) which one best fits the power, features & performance I already have (no sense going "backwards" wink.gif) & 4) will I consider upgrading to new speakers before its time to swap the receiver again.
And I do not consider speakers disposable throwaways, which your posts seem to suggest you do. I bought Magnepans in '82, used them for 30 yrs because I like the sound characteristics of that design, finally upgraded to their 3rd top-of-the-line model in '02 when I went the HT route & made the final upgrade to their 2nd top-of-the-line model ~3 yrs later with a trade-in allowance. For me, the brand and the models I have are keepers. The only reason for my last upgrade was to get the last bit of increased soundstage depth & imaging just short of their top model. These will last me until they put me in the ground, which I hope won't be for another 20+ yrs eek.gif
I think the OP also places the same value on speakers since they, not the electronics, determine the sound. And this is why I said I thought you had it backwards wink.gif You advised him to just change speakers, then go for a cheap receiver. If the speakers are the most important thing that determines the sound, your way puts the emphasis on the wrong thing to change wink.gif
1) get the speakers that have the sound you like
2) get the best electronics u can afford that will drive them
that is the optimum way to shop for audio gear, my friend. and the vast majority of enthusiasts will agree with that POV

I'm a huge magnepan fan too. I've had a pair of MG II's for about 12 years now. I bought them off a friend who was moving and didn't have room in his new home for $100. Best purchase I ever made. They're the best speakers I've ever owned. Problem is the wife doesn't like having a set of huge panels. I can get away with it in the basement, but not the family room. Otherwise, I would always buy maggies for my fronts. I think the lower end maggies are the best buy in speakers out there.
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Originally Posted by KidHorn View Post

I'm a huge magnepan fan too...I think the lower end maggies are the best buy in speakers out there.

you have no "debate" from me! biggrin.gif

that's what happened to me in '82, when I listened to baby MG-I's, I had no doubt which speaker I was taking home. sometime later in the 80's, I tried large Acoustic Research towers for my beginning attempts at home video sound. Paid 3 x more than the Maggies, ~$1500 in 80's dollars - they were terrible! Worst speakers I ever owned - very harsh, flat sound, zero depth & zero imaging. AR should have been ashamed. The only thing they could do is humongous bass with 2-12" woofers! More than some subs wink.gif But in every other aspect, they sucked! I sold them @ a garage sale for $100 and was glad to be rid of them. That taught me a valuable lesson about speakers & why I am so adamant about their importance to good sound.

recently, I went to local dealer to demo the CCR center & the new 3.7's (I have 3.6's & CC3). While I was waiting for the owner to setup the demo, I listened to the top Vandersteens. At the time, I had no idea what they cost, figured maybe $12-15K tops. Came home, looked them up on the 'net and to my shock they are $48000 eek.gif no way I would have guessed they cost that much for the sound I heard. to me, the maggies blew them away at a "mere" $4000 wink.gif for some, the vandies would be wonderful speakers.

think this thread has served its purpose for the OP so adios smile.gif
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