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Yamaha vs JBL help !

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Hello All,

I was hoping someone could help me here.

I already have a Yamaha NS AP 9500 5.1 Speaker setup connected to a Yamaha Rx-V665 ( 90W per channel ). I was gifted a JBL Cinema 300 and I want to keep the better system !

The links to the items are :

JBL: http://www.jbl.com/estore/jbl/us/products/Cinema-300/CINEMA%20300_JBL_US
Yamaha Speakers: http://static.tigerdirect.com/pdf/01_om_ns-ap9500M_9600E.pdf
Yamaha Subwoofer : http://www2.yamaha.co.jp/manual/pdf/av/english/sub/YST-SW030_e.pdf

The Yamaha speakers are old, like 8-9 Years
The JBL is new.

I was not quite sure which one which sound better. I have listed the specs below

Impedance on the Yamaha speakers are 6ohms and the JBL speakers are 8ohms

JBL vs Yamaha


Max Power : 100 W vs 120W
Sensitivity : 86dB vs 83 db
Crossover Freq : 3.7Khz vs 600Hz,6000Hz
Freq Range : (-6dB) 32Hz-20KHz vs 100 Hz-40KHz


Max Power : 100 W vs 120W
Sensitivity : 89dB vs 82 db
Crossover Freq : 3.7Khz vs 5000Hz
Freq Range : (-6dB) 32Hz-20KHz vs 110 Hz-40KHz


Max Power : 150 W vs 70W
Sensitivity : 89dB vs 82 db
Freq Range : 32hz -150Hz vs 28-200 Hz
Crossover Freq Range : 50Hz-200Hz vs 28 Hz-200 Hz

Thanks much !!

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To the extent that someone could recommend either set based on numbers alone (the answer is probably "which sound better to you?"), I'd ask this question on the speakers board instead.
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