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Buyer's Remorse Pioneer SP series...?

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Well, I picked up the Full Pioneer SP series. 2 SP FS52 speakers, 1 SP-C22, and 2 SP-BS22 speakers for my rears.

The only place I've been able to hear them is in Best Buy, and they never really had that PUNCH of loudness, although they sounded really clear for the money. But that could also be because of the huge wide open space of the best buy store.

Anyone that owns the FS51's, or the newer FS52's that I have, that can comment on how these sound in a smaller, theater environment, and if they do indeed provide that true, booming ? (My theater is 12 feet wide, 18 feet long, with 8.5 ft ceilings)

I'm still waiting for my basement to be completed (around 2-3 weeks) to try them out in the space they will be used.

About the Buyer's Remorse...

When I was at Best Buy, the salesman (most are definitely NOT A/V experts, I realize this) was REALLY pushing the Klipsch Quintet system (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Klipsch---Quintet-5-Channel-Home-Theater-Speaker-System/9388833.p?id=1218096958259&skuId=9388833)

He pulled me over, threw in a blu-ray, and turned it up. It sounded awesome, I'll admit, but was this because it was running through an HDMI cable vs. the RCA (red/white) cable used on the Pioneers? Would simply those cables make a huge difference in sound?

They cost something like $550 at best buy, but I swear I found the same ones on Amazon for $260... am I crazy? haha!
(link: http://www.amazon.com/Klipsch-QUINTET-Speaker-System-Black/dp/B002HWRKA2)

Are these little speakers better than the setup I currently have?

(edit... receiver is Yamaha RX-V473BL)

Sorry for this long post... and I doubt I'll get any replies since I asked a ton of questions, but I know you guys are the experts!!
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The Pio's are definitely better then the tiny Quintets. If you dont want them to sound boomy, make sure the L/R are not pushed up against the wall. Basically, the further they're pulled out from the wall, the leaner they will sound.
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Did the Quintets had a subwoofer hooked up also? Was there a sub hooked to the Pioneers? My guess is that is the big difference you heard. Neither of these are capable of great bass on their own, and should be paired with a good sub...The pioneers also are not that efficient, so unless they were level matched it is normal to like the sound better of the louder system. If you are looking for LOUD (reference level loud) speakers, the Pioneers are probably not going to be right for you.
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The new pioneer speakers would blow away the Quintet satellites for overall performance. The Klipsch might have a higher sensitivity so at the same volume level on your receiver they'll sound louder. the Pioneers are better speakers though.
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Wow, you guys are QUICK on the draw! I love it!

Yeah, the the Klipsch had a sub hooked up to them, and the Pioneers did not. So I'm sure that made a pretty big difference.

I did forget to mention that as well, I picked up a Klipsch SW350 sub as well for my setup.

I don't want anything that is going to blow me through the wall per say, but simply something that when I put The Dark Knight in, I want to be enveloped in the movie sound, similar to how a movie theater sounds. (I know that anything in that price range is not going to sound AS good as a movie theater, but I do want that "big" theater, engulfing sound... if that makes sense... haha!)

I apologize if I'm being too vague, or using crappy audio terms... I'm 25 and just getting into Audio, thanks for your patience and help!
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The Pioneer is in another league period, over those Klipsch speakers >>> the Pioneer will work
in your room.The Pioneer's have good bass, and will have an overall balanced sound. They were
not voiced for the boom, boom effect - and were not voiced to high-light any frequency response.
A lot of towers benefit from a subwoofer.
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Just spend some time getting them placed right in the room. That has as much (or more) impact as which speakers you choose.
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I'm going to try my best to set them up as THX suggests. smile.gif CAN'T WAIT!
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I know this is a little old now this thread but how have people set these speakers up?

I mean have you set them as Large or Small on your receiver? Lets assume with a sub as most have a sub.

Towers Normally are set as Large but I wonder if these would benefit best as Large or Small?
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It is better to set almost anything other than your subs as small. If you set them as large, they will get a full range signal which will limit your amplifier power, could cause some frequency response peaks in conjunction with the sub, and could even lead to damage at loud volumes because these are not the most effecient speakers and it will likely lead to clipping or them being over driven.
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They should definitely be set as 'small' in the AVR.
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I know that this tread is pretty old.


But I thought I would let you know that the pioneer 52's are on Sale at Best Buys  and the Pioneer website for $108. Forget those junky 363 at Fry's! They had them at Microcenter too. I got the last new unopened box for $71! Can't beat that!


I have to say that I am pleased with them. I have some Polk monitors that I am upgrading from and the Pioneers blow them away. Yes the Polks are louder at lower volume. But louder is not better. When I really crank the volume, they don't distort like the Polks do. And they have a good punch to them. It just takes more power. But my Pioneer VSX-1120-k handles it just fine.


The Pio's sound much cleared/cleaner, defined. I get a headache listening to the Polk speakers. They just "screech" too much. They are painful to listen to. They don't reproduce the sound well at all.


I had one Poi and one Polk connected and would switch back and forth between the channels and it was obvious which one was the better.

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I got a pair of fs52's. Powered with denon avr2805. I've owned definitive tech, mirage, energy, paradigm, psb, etc. the pioneers r a killer bargain. Very musical! Been reading the + reviews for years. Now I'm a believer!!
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