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HX929 vs. VT50

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How about this: 55HX929 vs Panasonic 55VT50? Which is better and Why? Thanks
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Pretty sure this has been discussed on here before but I'll put my two cents in. They're both excellent performers and are two of my favorites. Unless you're staunchly anti-plasma, I think most would agree that the VT50 is the better TV, however. I've seen and tweaked three different 55HX929s, and they look great but suffer from excessive blooming, which is the only real knock I have against 'em. The 65HX929 I saw looked much better with very minimal blooming - I'm assuming because that model has a higher zone count. Being a plasma, you don't have to worry about blooming or backlight irregularities with the VT50. I don't think you can go wrong with either set, though. Personally, I chose a VT50 and don't regret it one bit.
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929 is the second best LED out there, VT50 is best plasma, both will give outstanding picture. Read the forums and research the difference between LED"s and plasma's. decide whats best for you, then buy. You will infinite arguments which is best on here, both are fantastic, just decide if you want LED or plasma.
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HX929 vs. VT50

Depends on whetehr you prefer a tiny slice of vewiing angle & blooming, or a soft dim image & instantaneous searing burn in. On the internet.

IRL either one will probably blow you away- no poor choices between these two!
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