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Yamaha RXA-3010 or Onkyo 3009?

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Hey guys, I'm looking at upgrading my Yamaha RXV-2700 to one of the above revceivers. It will be for my home theater with Paradigm speakers and used 99% for movie watching.

I really like the sound of my 2700 but it has a few glitches which really annoy me.

Will there be an obvious sound difference between these 2 amps?

My buddy loves his 3010 Adventege and I don't know anyone who has the 3009 and I know Onkyo is really well liked and weighs a ton.

Suggestions please.
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I had a Yamaha RX-V667 receiver that drove me nuts.
The audio kept ping ponging, back and forth, between my home theater system and my tv speakers.
I could never get it to stop.

Urgh!!! mad.gif

So rather then send it in for service, I decided to upgrade to a receiver with Audyssey.
So after careful research I came upon the Onkyo 3009.
The 3009 really appealed to me, because it has Sub EQ HT and I have four subwoofers.
I got a great closeout deal from OneCall.

Audyssey did a masterful job of calibrating my system.

I have to admit, that I was skeptical about what Audyssey could do.
But after getting my 3009 and running the full 8 postion calibration,
I was blown away with the results!

I'll never buy another receiver without it.
Coming from a Yamaha receiver with YPAO, Onkyo with Audyssey, has been a godsend.

I've been tinkering with the settings.
Here are the settings, IMHO, that produce the best results with both music and flicks:

Audyssey Flat/Music Curve... "ON"
THX Cinema Mode... "ON"
THX Re-EQ... "ON"

THX Ultra2/Select2 Subwoofer... "NO"
THX Loudness Plus... "OFF"
Dolby Volume... "OFF"
Equalizer... "OFF"
Dynamic EQ... "OFF"
Dynamic Volume... "OFF"
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Onkyo 3009 hands down!
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Onkyo receivers run hot and have a very high rate of QC problems.

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Originally Posted by Cattledog View Post

Onkyo receivers run hot and have a very high rate of QC problems.

My Onkyo 3009 receiver does not run hot, because it sits out in the open,
on a stand for proper ventilation.

Receivers were not designed to be shoehorned into home theater cabinets.
Any receiver will run hot, if it doesn't have proper ventilation.
If you have to rely on an external fan to keep your receiver from getting hot,
then your doing it wrong.

Here's a pic of a stand, that's very similar to the one I have at home,
where my 3009 sits.

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Well I got a deal that I couldn't resist and finally bit the bullet. I got a display model Onkyo 3009 for $200 below cost which was still only $100 less than the Yamaha.
Being a display model I decided to pay $170 to double the warranty to 4 years.
I really like Yamaha's sound so there is definitely an adjustment period for me. So far I really like the Onkyo and hopefully will grow to love it.

So for those of you that have been in the same dilemma as me, comparing these two models, here is my take.
Keep in mind I'm comparing the Onkyo 3009 to the Yammy RX-v2700 so not exactly apples to apples I know.

The Onkyo has loads of power but is definitely warmer sounding with less abruptness, so explosions, gunfire, loud action sequences seem slightly more subdued and seem smoother/have softer edges. It's almost like the sound builds up instead of hitting instantly.
My wife prefers the Onkyo sound as she says it's not as "harsh" sounding. While I know Yamaha is brighter I actually really like it.

Dialogue on the Onkyo comes through crystal clear and is almost too prevalent in some scenes. (I am using a Paradigm Monitor CC-390 center channel so it is a beast and now has more power going to it)

One thing I wasn't expecting was that the bass is noticeably much smoother but still hits hard/harder. I do plan on adding a second sub sometime in the future, which was one of the deciding factors for getting the Onkyo as the XT32 feature seems highly touted.

A few other factors were the whopping 15lb. weight advantage, THX, and 4K upscaling (which I'll probably never use).

FYI this unit seems to barely produce any heat at all which I was quite nervous about. We'll see what happens when I do my LOTR trilogy on Dec. 29th. :-)
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After doing some tinkering and adjusting the speaker calibration this amp has really come alive. Really starting to like it.
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Originally Posted by Cattledog View Post

Onkyo receivers run hot and have a very high rate of QC problems.

Some yes, as the 905 i had, i am sure i could fries egg on it. The Onkyo 1010 however isnt even warm at normal lisntning volume. I also have a Pioneer LX 85(SC-57), and the Pio is hotter then the 1010
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I have a RX-A3000 and Paradigms (Studio 100s, CC690). I really enjoyed the sound. I bought a used NAD 955 amp for the fronts and really like sound better. Have you considered on getting a separate amp?
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Maybe in the future. My upgrades/additions are done for the year. I think I would add a second sub before adding an amp. I will also be needing a new projector in the next few years.
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