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Klipsch Quintet IV or Atlantic 2200?

Poll Results: Which one would be practical for an average-sized living room for a non-audiophile?

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    Klipsch Quintet IV's ($185)
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    Atlantic 2200 ($300)
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First post here...kinda desperate for an answer since these deals are time sensitive:

I have a house with an average-sized living room and have never owned a surround sound system. There are deals for both the Klipsch Quintet IV's ($185) and the Atlantic 2200 ($300). The former's deal ends today but I have a few more days until the Atlantic deal ends. I know that quantitatively, the Atlantic's are better (10 – 140 Watts RMS, 4 1⁄2” GLH) compared to the Klipsch (Satellite: 50 watts Center: 75 watts, 3.5" woofer) but they're also $115 more expensive...which is a lot for a deal hunter like me. Questions:

1) Would I really notice the difference between the two systems, given that I'm not an audiophile?

2) If I were to move to a bigger house with a larger living room, would either of these speakers still be sufficient or will I have to get new speakers entirely?
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I like the Atlantic Sound - and for me it is pretty much a no-brainer. Also if you have
a decent ear, you can pick up differences in speakers.

Here is a subjective review to read.
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