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Lutron Homeworks and ceiling fans

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I recently had a lutron Homeworks system installed in my new construction home. The system seems to work great other than one issue we are having with room fans. It appears the fans I purchased (Minka-not inexpensive by any means) do not have spin direction control switches on them. They are meant to be set up with the wireless controllers that ship with them. The problem is the fans default to a spin (blowing) up position first and since we are controlling with Lutron we cant reverse them. I would just chalk this up as a construction mistake and replace the fans but...

Some times the fans do spin in the (blowing) down position?**&%^#@. It's seems to be completely random and it is in the up direction 80% of the time but they do at times spin (blowing) down. Is there anyone who can offer a solution with this or should I just can the fans and move on?

Rich Izzi
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I would call the integrator that sold you the HW system, and let him find a solution.

You paid a lot of money, for a bullet proof control solution.
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I did, in fact I was in the room when he called Lutron tech support and they said there is nothing they can do.. They suggested I change the fans out to ones that have reverse switched on them. I also called Minka fans and spoke with tech support. They said there is no internal switching that can be done on the fans to spin down as a default. Its not the end of the world if this is true but I am having serious question since they reverse some of the time. I just thought that I would ask to see if any others out there confronted this before.

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If you turn on the fan and turn it off quickoly and turn it on again, does this reverse it?
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You just saved me a few thousand dollars. Where do I send the bottle of wine to?

For those of you out there who may have the same issue: I tried this a few times from the Lutron switches and from my Ipad Lutron controller and it failed to work. I decided to try to do this from my breaker panel and presto.

Turn on the fan and let it spin.
Go to the electrical panel and cut the power to the Lutron bank that controls the room.
Reset the breaker.

Thanks you so much for your help

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