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Service for Pioneer DVR 450H

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Do anyone know of a service provider for a Pioneer DVR 450H? I had recorder most of the recent Olympics on its disk. In the process of recording its content to the DVDs, the power went. There is absolutely no power to the display panel, not even for the clock. I checked the power supply, and it still output the 12v and the 5v. I know that, Pioneer of Canada used to provide a one price service for this unit, but I do not know if its still available or their email address.
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Getting genuine Pioneer service may be difficult, as Pioneer reorganized as a company in 2008 and hasn't pursued video recorders since then.

If you live in Canada, try bringing it to any authorized service center for Sony DVD recorders. Between 2007-2009, Sony sold a nearly identical recorder model RDR-HX780, which was a Pioneer 450 with a couple extra connections in front for DV and USB. Since your Pioneer is long out of warranty, the Sony center might agree to repair it if you ask them nicely and point out your Pioneer has many Sony parts inside, like the DVD drive.

The power surge likely blew a protection relay or control microprocessor, this will either be reasonable or frighteningly expensive to repair depending how usurious Sony decides to be. If they quote you something ridiculous like $200, or refuse to take it on because it "isn't the Sony version," try taking it to any decent independent electronics repair shop. Anyone who repairs TVs, stereos, or laptops can take a look and trace the the problem. If the part that needs replacement is a generic cap, diode or IC they can probably give you a good price, but if its a proprietary part like the main microprocessor you're out of luck (only Pioneer or Sony can supply such parts).
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I live in the LA area. I do realize that Canada would be the best option for a repair. I have asked a local electronic shop. Since the power supply is intact, they think the problem would be an IC on the controller board. It would be too difficult for them to handle. $200 is not out of the question to repair this. I have recorded much of the Olympics on the unit's disk and would like to retrieve them. I do have another pioneer dvr 650. However, installing a different disk on that unit would require the disk to be re-initialize. That would wipe the disk out.

If you or anyone have a contact in Canada, I would be more than appreciative.

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Argo Electronics Ltd. in Toronto used to (and perhaps still do)repair Pioneer DVD Recorders.

209 Danforth Ave,
Toronto ON,
M4K 1N2 Their phone # is 416-465-5439.
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Sorry, it wasn't clear that you had already tried a generic service center and they had surmised it was something in the main circuits. At least you've past step one, determining whether its a simple fix or not (apparently not).

Pioneer hasn't sold a recorder in USA since the model 640 of 2006, and their support website basically blows off any inquiry regarding service for Pioneer recorders in the Los Angeles area with an advisory to "call them at (800) 421-1404 to discuss your options." My guess would be the official USA options for a Canadian 450 in Los Angeles would be nil: your best bet would be to tell them you have a 640, and try to get the address of a local service tech that handles that model. Then you can bring your 450 there and by dealing directly I'm sure they can fix it. The 450 came one year after the 640, other than the video encoder I don't think there was any substantial internal change and most control circuits should be similar. The similar Sony RDR-HX780 was a Canada exclusive as well, so Sony USA wouldn't be any use to you at all.

You CAN temporarily swap the HDD from your dead 450 into your working 650, burn the contents to DVD, then return the original 650 HDD back into the 650. It won't erase or re-initialize either HDD as long as you have the necessary Service Remote and Service Disc, and follow official swap instructions. Pioneer long since stopped selling these service tools, but the Sony J-609-0203-A version of the remote is still available as a generic knock-off for roughly $25 from web dealers like this. For the service disc, you need to drop an email request to Hakan, the admin for the user-based pioneerfaq repair/upgrade website. The email address is supportATpioneerfaqDOTinfo. Ask for assistance in locating a download of the "Pioneer GGV1321 Type 2 Data I.D. Disc." After finding the disc, be sure to make a small donation to the pioneerfaq website using their provided PayPal link: the site is a lfesaver for Pioneer recorder owners and run by users for users, the small donations they get are critical to keep the site running. After downloading and burning a Service DVD, the following pioneerfaq instructions will allow swapping the HDD between your 450 and 650 without having to erase it:

1. remove the HDD from your 650 and set it aside.

2. remove the HDD from your 450 and install it in your 650.

3. Power up the 650 and it will flash HDD ERR or CPRM Err on the front panel as well as your TV screen.This means you need to reset the CPRM code on the HDD from the current 450 code to the 650 code. Look on the 650 rear panel for a secondary small white label with a nine-digit code number, its located near the fan or the AC socket. Write down the nine digits.

4. On your service remote, press ESC and then STEREO. Service mode will activate and a service display will appear on your TV. Enter the nine-digit number you wrote down using the service remote number keys, then press STOP.

5. Press ESC and STEREO again, enter the nine digit number again, and press SEARCH.

6. The recorder will ask for the ID Data Service Disc. Load the service disc and close the tray. After a moment, your TV should display "Rom Write OK!"

7. Press CLEAR on the service remote. The recorder will exit service mode. Remove the service disc BUT DO NOT CLOSE THE TRAY. Turn the recorder off, the tray will close itself. Wait a moment, and turn power back on. Your 650 should work normally with no ERR alerts from this point on. When you press the HDD Nav button on the 650 remote, it should display the contents of the 450 drive normally and let you burn DVDs from it.

(If your TV displays Rom Write NG! instead of Rom Write OK! in step 6, don't panic. Sometimes the recorder trips over itself, or you enter the nine digits in the wrong order, and have to start the CPRM process over again. It nearly always "takes" the second time around.)

A couple of clarification points that aren't always obvious from reading the pioneerfaq instructions:

During steps 4 and 5, you need to enter the CPRM number *twice.* A lot of people don't realize this and get stuck. You hit ESC+STER, enter the number, press STOP, then ESC+STER a second time, then enter the number a second time, then press SEARCH (instead of STOP).

In step 7, be careful NOT TO CLOSE THE DISC TRAY after removing the service disc. Just take out the disc and turn off the power, the 650 will close the tray by itself. If you close the tray by hand before turning off the power, the entire CPRM process can get corrupted resulting in HDD Err, meaning you have to start the whole thing over.

This is much more complicated to describe in words than it is to actually do, it only takes about 2 minutes to reprogram the 450 HDD to work in the 650. After you finish dubbing all the videos off the 450 HDD, you have several choices how to proceed.

You can leave the 450 HDD in the 650 and just use the recorder as if nothing had changed.

Or, you could put back the original 650 HDD (which I believe was larger at 250GB vs the 450 HDD being 160GB). Returning the original 650 HDD does not involve using the service tools, when you power up after the swap the 650 should just recognize its own original HDD as if it had never been removed.

Regarding the 450 HDD, remember it has now been reprogrammed to be recognized by the 650 and not the 450. If you don't want to repair the 450, or find you can't get it repaired in the USA, set aside the 450 HDD as a spare for your 650. At any time in the future, you can instantly swap the 450 HDD back into the 650 if you run out of HDD space or the 650 HDD dies. For the time being, you can put the 450 HDD back in the 450 and set the whole recorder aside as a spare parts machine: you can use the 450 burner and HDD as spares for your 650 should the need arise.

You won't be able to use the 450 HDD again in the 450 until you get it repaired, because you need it to turn on so you can use the Service Remote and Disc to program the HDD back to the 450 CPRM code (the number on the little white back panel label). Since your 450 won't currently turn on anyway, the Pioneer service center would naturally just reprogram the HDD after they fix the power issue (if indeed you can locate a Pioneer service center).

BTW, if you do opt to buy your own service remote and download the service disc, DO NOT mention it to the Pioneer hotline or service center: play dumb, and let them fix it without knowing you touched it. This way they can't possibly lecture you about self-repair being a no-no.

Good Luck!
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I do have the Sony service remote and the pioneer data disk. I had upgrade disks on these units. That was my concern about re-initialization of the disk. It seems very time I perform a write of flash, the units ask for a disk initialization. However, I am not aware of the method you described for mounting and reading a disk from another unit. I will definitely try it. Perhaps with one of the updated disks. Anyways, I thank you for your kind advise.
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DAU_KK_DOW, your Pioneers should ordinarily not request an initialization on a pre-written, pre-Pioneer-DVR-formatted hard disk. This only occurs when you install a new replacement HDD that has not previously been used in another Pioneer recorder (a completely blank or Windows-format HDD would need to be initialized to the Pioneer file format).

There are several Pioneer 550 owners here on AVS whose video hobbies include frequent recording of VERY long live event satellite broadcasts, which they archive on multiple HDDs. A few contact me regularly with updates on their Pioneer experiments, between their projects and mine we have consistently had no trouble swapping HDDs full of video between one Pioneer recorder and another. If you have the service tools, all you need do is change the CPRM code. Of course there are no guarantees: these recorders were not intentionally designed to support swapping of HDDs, so there still might be differences where some will indeed ask to initialize the HDD from another Pioneer. But so far I have not had this happen more than once, and that was years ago with one of the much older Pioneers made before the "Type 2" Pioneer-Sony chassis became standard in the x40, x50 and x60 models.

I cannot absolutely promise 100% that such a swap would have no consequences. On the other hand, Pioneer service centers typically wipe and initialize the HDD regardless of your wishes (and tell you so upfront on the service order). If I were in your shoes, I think I would risk swapping the HDDs between 450 and 650 myself since there's a 99% chance it would work. At least you then get the opportunity to save the videos before handing the 450 off for repair. Since you already have the service tools, you should have no difficulty.
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I had to send my Pioneer 640 in for a Hard Drive Replacement once, here is the address they had me send it to:

Pioneer Electronics
Service Support Division
2161 Dividend Drive
Columbus, Ohio. 43228
Attn: DVR Service

They also had me mail a check for $70.00 which would go towards the repairs (meaning if it cost more I would have to send more).

I think I had to include a letter with what was wrong as well because I remember they called me to tell me what they were going to do.
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