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Remote controlled door lock

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I'm looking for a door lock with handle/lever that can be controlled via a number-pad AND keyfob (in my case I need at least 2 keyfobs). So far I've only been able to find one by Morning Industry which gets shotty reviews (especially the remote) and another one by E-Digital/Lockkey which apparently only comes with one remote and theres no information on where to buy another.

I dont care about z-wave or zigbee. Is there nothing better out there?
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Control4 HC-200

Kwikset SmartCode lock

and CardAccess Mini remote, x2
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Thanks but that is way out of my price range.
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It's hard to find info on stuff that is, for the most part, wholesale only, e.g. electronic security. If you have an alarm system, the controller may provide the key fob or card swipe functionality to an electric strike or automatic lock.

I'd call ASIHome and Smarthome Sales and/or Tech Support, for leads.

Cocoontech forums may be a good place to look and post for ideas.

I think you're looking for a basic commercial access control system, much more expensive than z-wave or other basic Resi product, but a fraction of the cost of C4.

You may just want to pay for a local locksmith who does electronic security. It may save you a lot of time.
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