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Hi guys

I Bought a Samsung Smart Tv 51 inch PS51E550D1M tv to use purely for gaming. Its in a small room with minimul lighting but ive never been able to get the picture right.

Iv got a xbox slim with a HD cable and i set it on game mode.

contrast 92
brightness 55
colour 55
sharpness 5
cell light is at 14

all other advanced settings are default to game mode etc

There are two main problems ive had, the first is sometimes the picture will ook overly red. by turning the R- gain and R offsett down to 12 each ( all colors start on 25) ive gotten rid off that the ecrren nowseem to emphasise theblue colors a little but its a lot better thn before.

The second is that when im playing games like skyrim, mass efect etc the black is too strong i think, someimes i cant see unless i use th candlelight spells etc,

Does anyone know how to get better settings smile.gif