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Trinitron cutting picture off on left side

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I'm not at home so I don't know the exact model, but it's a 32" widescreen Trinitron. I'll update with the model number when I get home, and I can even post pictures. Anyway, I've noticed that the image is being cut off on the left side, I've only tried composite in the front and RGB via SCART in the back, and cutoff occurs on both. It's not a problem with the AR setting, I've already tried that. Can this be fixed with the service menu, or should I try a factory reset first?
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Do not do a "factory reset" in the service menu, that will only render your television unusable!

It's probably overscan, which you can read about dealing with in this thread:

I recommend also dealing with the red push while you're in there.
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"Overscan" would be apparent at the top and/or bottom. Not the sides.

I'd suggest that the issue is just a geometry problem. You should be able to find the proper code(s) to just move the picture to the left.

I wouldn't suggest fooling around with red push unless you have a problem and most importantly, know what you are doing in the service menus. When you start messing around with the color settings "willy-nilly" in the service menus, you can really screw the pooch.

If you decide to mess around, be sure to write down all settings PRIOR to making any changes.
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CRT TVs do do overscan on all 4 sides.

The red push is actually much easier to deal with than the geometry and the defaults are really bad: These are the four settings I recommend:
R-YR: 14
R-YB: 15
G-YR: 6
G-YB: 4

If you're not confident in the service menu then find someone more technical to help you.
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Okay. But, shouldn't overscan (or underscan?) be "equal" either horizontally and/or vertically? It sounds to me as if the raster has shifted to the left cutting off part of the image.
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Speaking of widescreen CRT TVs, have any of you observed service menu adjustments for color offsets in the corners? My Dell (Sony Trinitron) PC monitor has what they call Screen Landing that does it but I don't know if the TVs have that capability. Anyhow I have a Panasonic with this problem, haven't been able to find anything on accessing its service menu, so thought I'd see if that adjustment even existed on this genre of TVs before pursuing the service menu issue any further. From what I've read the Sonys appear to have very extensive service menus.

The thread started must have a 30" or 34" as Sony didn't make a 32" widescreen CRT TV.
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