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SA 8300 HDC: Black 1TB or My Book AV for Ext Storage?

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Comcast Connecticut with an SA 8300HDC STB, running the S26 guide. I tried my WD 2TB Green in a Vantec case (which worked ok with DirecTV box) with no success. The top choices appear to be the WD My Book AV or the WD Black 1TB. They are about the same cost but with various pros and cons. I also have a Samsung 1TB drive (HD103SI) that I could try, which would be the lowest cost to me. Recommendations?
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Let's put it another way. Does anyone have an SA 8300 HDC from Comcast, running the S26 guide, and external storage? If so, what's your setup?
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Look - it's been said time and again, the only box in which eSATA reliably works is the 8300HD (no "C"). There have been a few reports of HDC's working with external drives, but that's due to the efforts of that particular local TWC division putting in the kernal of code that enables it. That's a rare occurance and not system-wide by any means.
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In case anyone's interested, I connected a WD Caviar Black 1Tb and the Vantec case to my 8300HDC via eSATA today and it seems to be working so far. The DVR reported that it was over 50% full before the install, and it's at 9% now. Will do more testing later and provide results in this thread.
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Two plus months later and the WD external drive attached to my SA 8300HDC is working fine. Just noting this in case it will help others with their SA 8300HDC. It's at 30% full now and I do a fair amount of recording, including recording two programs at the same time. It's been a while so I can't say for sure, but to connect, I went with this procedure:

0. I did not format the WD Caviar drive or change any jumpers. I just installed it into the Vantec fresh out of the box.
1. Unplug the SA 8300HDC.
2. Connect the external case to the SA 8300HDC using eSATA, and power up the case.
3. Power on TV so you know when the process is complete.
4. Plug in the SA 8300HDC, and power it on.

It takes a few minutes to recognize and format the drive, and no indicator lights on the front of the box are helpful. Eventually a message comes on the TV indicating success. I think this process took 5-10 minutes for me. If the 8300HDC is powered on but there seems to be no progress, hit the 8300HDC power button or the channel up/down, as it may need a power cycle to proceed.

I hope this helps someone out there struggling with external storage.
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