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Help me choose a projector and screen, please.

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I'm in the planning stages of finishing my basement and would love some advice on choosing a good projector and screen. My plan is for a 110" screen but am open to options. Here is a little more info on my plans: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1426651/need-help-planning-my-basement-projector-screen

I don't have a set budget but around $3500 for projector and screen. This is not a dedicated theater so I would like to be able to still view it with some ambient light. I will zone the lights so I have more control. Uses will be mainly for Movies / TV but gaming as well. I'm not a hardcore gamer but lag does annoy the crap out of me. Let me know what more info I can give. Thanks
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Looks like it'll be a very nice setup.

Good pj, less lag
Good pj
Good pj, brighter, little more lag
The shootout thread.

You might consider mounting your rear speakers in the ceiling. Screen, depending on the pj you choose, but a 1.0-1.3 gain white screen will be pretty good for any of those pjs. http://www.projectorreviews.com/projectorscreens/index.php
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jnabq - Thanks so much for the input.

I've been looking at several of those projectors. I'm going to visit a couple of local home theater specialty shops this weekend to gain some more knowledge. I'm also considering going up in screen size. Should be okay with any of these projectors, correct? I'm interested in hearing about how increasing screen size is affected by ambient light. I still want to be able to watch TV while the kids run around and play so it can't be completely dark. Thanks
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Sure, screen size/throw distance will affect brightness. I frequently have my 6010 on, with a 60w light on app. 15' from my 126" 1.3 gain screen while in ECO mode. It's plenty bright. I know you mentioned lag annoyance, so this pj may not work for what you plan to do for gaming? A few posters mentioned that the gaming on the Epson wasn't bad at all, but some tests show it comes in near the last.

http://www.eliteprojectorcalculator.com/ coderguy's calc so you can see some numbers on how size and throw, affect brightness.
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