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So I have $2100 for a new Home Theater...

Poll Results: Which of the three? Or not.

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    Yamaha YHT-697
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    Onkyo HT-S6500
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    Yamaha YHT-797
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    Other HTiB
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    You're retarded and can probably get better by building your own. But I'm not going to be a douchebag so I'll give you some suggestions.
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Basically, I'm doing my basement, and I've reserved about $2100 for the home theater section.
First, I need a projector. I'm probably going to get the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350. Maybe the Optoma HD33 if I really want 3D.
Next, I'm getting a cheap fixed frame screen. Probably a 100 inch Elite Screens Sable Series. I probably need a better screen, but I feel like I can live with it. So that gives me about 600-700 for the audio. HTiB seems really enticing and I'm thinking about going for it. I have no clue what to pick. Any suggestions?

I made a top 3 list, and in it are:

Yamaha YHT-697 $650
Onkyo HT-S6500 $700
Yamaha YHT-797 $700

Are those any good? Or am I looking completely in the wrong place?
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Just a suggestion...... whatever you spend on a projector, screen, all the mounting hardware, cables, wires, and blu-ray player, spend that much or more on Audio. What's the point in having a huge screen and then having tiny sound? Remember HT is at least 50% Audio!

If you have to buy a HTiB go for the Onkyo HT-S9400THX for $600 http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/ONKHTS9400/Onkyo-HT-S9400-THX-7.1-Ch-Network-Home-Theater-Receiver/Speaker/1.html

But you will get better sound and quality by buying seperates but you will spend more money.
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