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I was in my previous post claing the HMZ has next to zero input lag. John Carmack is indeed right the HMZ 2 does indeed have a fair bit of input lag. In the past when i switched games to 3D mode i assumed the game got slightly sluggish (only very slight and does not effect offline FPS games at all) and i mistook it for the 3D mode being more CPU intensive, hence the game slows down about. Recently i tried a Optoma GT750 projector, it claims 0 Input lag... and boy it sure is! Playing crysis 3 and superstartdust on it is super slick. So smooth, normally on the HMZ i get between 40 to 60 million points using the HMZ, on the GT750 i got 130million on my first go! And i want to emphasis, both games on the HMZ, especially SSD play amazing on the HMZ. But the GT750 is so darn fast its quite amazing and sadly made me realize that the HMZ is not as good as i initially thought. But i am sending the GT750 back as its 3D gaming contrast, blacks (or should i say greys), and the colours are really muddy. A real shame. Hopefully optoma can make the image better in the future. To to clarify, the GT750 had by far perfect superior input lag, but overall the HMZ is better as the image is much better. Now sony, please make 1080p @ 120HZ ready for PS4 3D, and plz reduce that input lag biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by vaktmestern View Post

The reason u cant controll ur ps3 is that the ps3 only has a 1.3 hdmi port .. cool.gif I controlled my 3D BD player with the hmz-t2 as the 2 is 1.4 hdmi units.

Okay, did some fiddling and discovered that in the PS3's menu settings you have to turn the HDMI control there as well to get it working.
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Hey guys, before i buy it i need help with a few questions.
Will this work with the PS4 if it comes out?
Is this Compatible with all PS3 Games?
If i import this from japan, is the warranty valid in singapore? if not where do i get this repaired if there is a problem?

Really tempted to get this, is there any other things i should know before taking the plunge?
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It should work fine when PS4 comes out, anything your TV can play the HMZ can play.

If you import from Japan the warranty is valid in Japan only, so it has to be shipped back there for repairs. If you buy from my company, Blazin 3D we keep the warranty card on file for each customers. If you have a problem you ship it back to us, we get it repaired or fixed depending on what Sony decides and ship it back.
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Thanks for your answer bravia3D.
Just to check, is the power/voltage ok to use in Singapore?
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Yep sure is
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let's say i have a 3D movie in my computer, do i just plug it in with HMZ T2 and i'm ready to watch movies in 3D?
No need for special application or movie files?
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The movie would have to be in side by side or under over format, then you can choose the format on the HMZ and watch it.
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Originally Posted by bravia3D View Post

The movie would have to be in side by side or under over format, then you can choose the format on the HMZ and watch it.

Hi Bravia3D.
I have an Acer laptop i7 with an ATI discrete graphics (I don't remember which one, I'll check at home) and connect it to to the HMZ T2.
For SBS and Top/Bottom video files, the HMZ T2 doesn't detect any 3D signal, but it's fine as I can change the 3D settings in the HMZ T2 to SBS or T/B. So 3D works.
However for 3D videos, such as 3d bluray, the HMZ T2 doesn't detect any 3D signal, so the 3D doesn't show at all on the T2. Do I have to install a special driver on the laptop?

Also, do you ship the comfort pads to Europe/France ?

Thanks smile.gif
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Loopy, make sure your bluray drive on your laptop supports 3D disc. If it doe's not support 3D disc then they will play in 2D only. If it doe's support 3D disc then go into the HMZ T-2's menu and enable 3D and it should work fine.

Yes, we ship our pads worldwide, shipping is included in the price biggrin.gif
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So I've been having a problem with 2 PC games aliens vs colonial marines, and ace combat. Actually I think guild wars 2 did the same thing. But when I start up the game it detects 3D, but the game looks like a Top and Bottom set up where the bottom is almost transparent overlaying on the top screen and flickering badly. I can't seem to change any settings or figure out what's going on with these games when every other game I have works just fine.
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I currently plan to use this with a PS3. do i need to buy a HDMI cable if i get this?
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No, it already has one included.
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Thread Starter 
I have a New HMZ-T2 with The limited edition Trippe padding set, testes to work on 220 volt down to 110 Volt
Anyone interested PM ME, shipping worldwide with EMS Express, PayPal only.
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Btw, if anyone here has a decent gaming PC and wants to try some 3D gaming without having to install (and pay) for nvidia 3DTV Play (or equivalent software), please try the Unigine Valley Benchmark (google it) and just walk through that valley in 3D (it has options for side by side and others). It's freaking amazing, so amazing that i didn't want to leave that place and i'm not exaggerating. I think it's the closest VR experience you can get until Oculus Rift arrives.
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cool.gif couldnt resist just orderd a new Hmz-t2 missed the exsperience cool.gif
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Vaktmestern, i'm not sure if it was you, did you paint the edges of your previous HMD? If so, will you do it again? Is it worth it? I'm still not decided if i should open mine or not.
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Did paint the edges of the lenses on the T1 i modded, Problem is masking it up firmly as its easy to paint the lenses and the paint i used was a heat resistance matt black paint, i used a small brush to apply.
Was kinda hard as i needed to paint it multiple times to get it dark enought. Wasnt really worth it but since my was opend up i had acess to the lenses i just did it.

Best thing for the hmz-t2 is thats darbee it really makes a diffrence on it.

Thought i go n get myself a pair of head phones now... I liked the look of these as they are massive big lol sonys MDR-XB1000 they got 70mm drivers eek.gif not shure if they will fit well with the hmz-t2 but im gnna try lol
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Sony hmz-t2 is shipped but easter will add exstra time cool.gif
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So some reason HMZ T2's 3D PQ, while great, doesn't have the depth dimension like my passive 3D TV for movie watching. Is this some sort of optical limitation of the technology? Appreciate some input.
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More its harder for the eyes to se the distance from the screens on the hmz. but that only affects pop outs. But if u consentrate on parts u know pop out like the snake on sammy turtle tale 1 u do see the pop out well.
But passive 3D now isnt any good as u se those pesky black scann lines on the screen. But 4k fixses that at a cost.

I did try a m8 65" samsung es8000 tv with active glasses sum weeks back been off 3D for awhile, but i couldt stand the flickering of the glasses, didnt bother me much before owned 3 active 3D tvs but now its awful. 3D on the hmz is so relaxing on the eyes and the biggest pluss is its as bright in 2D as in 3D.
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Try watching Life of Pi in 3D. Spectacular.
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do you guys get a worsening of eyesight from using this thing? i'm kinda worried about that.

And is there any way to make this more comfy? the nose part is killing me
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Nope never bothers my eyesight, you can also dim it. Use my cushion pads on my site for comfort, they really help.
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Wanted to thank Bravia3D for his amazing LE Cushion Pads, which helped me to solve some comfort issues with the HMZ-T2.
Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to use the main pad going above the head. In my case it seems too short to fasten properly, and if I pull it further and fasten, it becomes too short to pull over my head and the lenses of HMD appear just too high above the eyes' line. If I leave the Cushion Pad fastened like that and pull the front part of HMZ lower, I can get the lenses on the eyes' line, but under a weird angle that doesn't allow normal viewing. It is just like a monitor with the upper part tilted away from the viewer, so the lower part of the screen is significantly closer than the upper part.
Besides, if I pull HMD downwards too much, the button holding the Cushion Pad around the forehead pad of HMZ-T2 unclips...
Does anyone else have similar problem? What am I doing wrong?
For reference, my central Cushion Pad is almost 31cm long, and my head is not big at all...
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Any news about the hmz-t3 :-)
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No news than sony patented a google glass clone cool.gif
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Seems im getting my 2morrow cool.gif and i think i orderd the last one from my netshop as its no longer listed.

Just picked it up ... smile.gif

Missed the big screen feeling :cool.gif

New 3DBD player orderd samsung es-6000 in black . wanted a small one to bring with me on trips
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Just purchased a import Japan model of the T2 and very excited in receiving unit. was about to purchase the RIFT or ST1080 but the wait was to long and the sonys seem like a great product. The unit i purchased is running at 110v and in AUS we run at 240v just wondering if it is possible to mod control unit to accept 240v instead of using a stepdown transformer. smile.gif
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It works on 240v, the PSU inside is international, despite what's written on the back of the unit. Search the thread, others (including me) confirmed this. It's also true for the HMZ T1 and even their PS3 consoles.
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