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Brian---Here's a heads-up on the buying options in regards to the new XLR2 and XLR3 plate amps:

For the Custom Installation kits---

1- When purchasing a kit with a Rythmik driver, there is a box to check for either the XLR2 or XLR3 options. No matter which box you check, the XLR3 choice shows up on the payment form. This makes it impossible to buy a XLR2 amp, either in 370W or 600W.

2- When purchasing a kit with a GR driver, the XLR2 and XLR3 options are not listed, making it impossible to purchase either. Maybe I just looked before the option had been added to the GR page!

As soon as the XLR2 option is operational, I can make my purchase! Thanks---EJ.