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The Perfect Remote

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After looking through all the forums and researching the products available, I believe the remote makers out there have failed in making a universal remote that will fit the following requirements:

Control MCE
Include a track ball, pad or gyro that would allow mouse manipulation on HTPC
Universal remote ability that would control my blu ray player, TV and avr (learning function or software to set buttons as needed)
Control components behind wall (I have a NextGen RF extender that I can use to control AVR and BR that are located out of line of sight, just need to make sure remote takes AA or AAA batts to work with extender)
I have given up on this, but ideally the manipuation device (trackpad, trackball, etc) would also work to control the menus on my LG47LM6700

From what I have seen, I can get a MCE remote with track ability, I can obviously get a Universal AA or AAA powered remote, but I can not find the combination. I have come as close as an MCE remote that can control up to 2 IR devices that is AAA batt powered, but no trackpad or ball, and no ability to control TV. The LG47LM6700 remote is an RF remote, so possible if i were to get an RF MCE remote it could add that TV control, but still can't find anything that would give me everything. The Gyration Motion Sense remote appeared to be the ideal candidate, but it looks like they pulled it off the market, most likely because of it's delicate gyros that kept breaking from drops.

Anybody out there in a similar situation, please let me know what you are doing to control things, or if I am wrong and this perfect remote does exist, please let me konw.
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I like a normal universal remote like harmony or xsight for most tasks, and an iOS/Android remote keyboard/mouse app for everything else. It's the simplest, most reliable solution IMO. The iOS remote even works exactly like I Gyration if you want (I personally prefer touchpad mode). Check out MobileMouse.
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I did not know about Mobile Mouse, thanks for the rec. It looks to be a simple, cheap option for the few times I would need to control my HTPC. I still can't believe that a universal HTPC and avs component remote does not exist out there, but until someone comes along and makes that dream product a Harmony paired with something simple like the iOS app will do the trick.
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Like you said, an all-in-one would be great, but I don't think it exists yet. Something like iRule would be close if it had an integrated mouse.

While Mobile Mouse is one of my favs, there are others. Each has advantages/disadvantages. While MM can work like a gyration, it won't work if you have UAC on (the annoying pop-up every time you make a change to your windows system) because that blocks the driver. Hippo Remote works better in that case, but it's a touch-pad only, no motion. You may have to try a few before you settle on one. Most are free or have free versions to try. While not practical for everyday use, the coolest of all is VNC running on an iPad. It's a remote desktop, so it's like sitting at the computer. But get out your magnifying glass because 1080p on such a small screen is challenging.
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iRule also needs $100 in hardware to function, which (along with wanting a dedicated AV remote for general control) eliminated it from my consideration. I did just run across the Nyxboard from Pulse-Eight. Seems to be able to handle everything I need. It is obviously designed to work well as an HTPC remote, my concern is its functionality as a universal remote. Does anyone have any experience with this remote, specifically to control TV, AVR and Bluray player. I don't need a ton of flexibility or programability from it, the main concern is the AVR (pioneer VSX 821-k). Other remotes just don't seem to play nice (difficulty changing sources, volume not working). Let me know if anyone has one and if so how well it works as a AV IR universal remote.
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