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Onkyo TX-NR3009 Receiver $999.99 At Fry's!!!

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Closeout price on the feature packed 3009, for in store purchase only, no shipping.

So if your lucky enough to live near a Fry's, you'll make out like a bandit!

I purchased this model back in July from OneCall and I absolutely love it! smile.gif
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Oops, I made a mistake in the price!
It should be $999.00. wink.gif
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I checked every store listed on their website for availability, and not a single one has the item listed as available. I called my local store and was told they can not order it, and when I called the corporate number I was told I had to find it in a local store. If someone knows a way to actually get one for this price, please let me know. Thanks.
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That's false advertising on Frys.com, they are listing many receivers at close-out prices, and they STATE in-store only, and if people try to call a store, and me ( having my relatives in Oregon and California stop buy any of their stores and check ) and no product can be found in any stores, so to me, that's totally False advertising, the web site should say SOLD OUT if no product can be found, or a store location where one can be purchased, with inventory verification!

I have added Frys to my Boycott list, as this is wrong! Either way, it's a tactic just to get people into their stores, and then not to have the product, they think people will cave in and just buy something while they are there....
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I looked at frys.com again and found the following on the site: "Some online offers are subject to prior sale and may not be available." I guess this is how they cover themselves for not having any in stock to actually sell, but I still think it is BS!
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Yea, it does say that, online site should not represent the retail store front, as is the case with most online retailers ( best buy for example ) of which they have inventory at a warehouse location, same as Costco.com, and many other online sites.

Their online site should say Sold-Out, as my Aunt went to three fry's in Cali, they said, sorry were out of stock, a cousin in Oregon stopped, same thing, out of stock, so why do they get to advertise a close-out discontinued price, then not find any at their stores, is beyond me... Maybe some one got lucky and bought one at that price, so the only good part is black friday is getting near, and either one call or amazon will be getting my order.
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Those interested in this deal should call the local stores and ask them to check in the back. I called my local store on Saturday and asked if they had it. Just like it showed online, it was not in their system. When I asked if they had any open box supply, they put me on hold and came back stating that they had one new-in-box unit in the back that wasn't entered in the system. Picked it up for the advertised price the same day and absolutely love this machine--quite an upgrade from my 606! Not sure if this was just a fluke, but it's certainly worth a try!
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Wish I had a local Fry's to get this unit at that price... such a killer deal. frown.gif

Anyone interested in making $50... send you money, buy it for me, and ship it to me? I think I could still spend $1100 and be happy. Any takers?
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I know Fry's can be frustrating but they do have great deals. I got My tx-nr3009 for $799 in san diego, as a complete open box floor model which they took out of the showroom. The salesman told me they had just taken it out and replaced it with the new 5010. It's just one of those things you have to keep looking for. Two weeks prior I almost bought a 1009 they had as an open box for $899.

But yeah I do agree with most of whats been said I have been on many a wild goose chase looking for those special deals and it sucks to find out they aren't there. That and those damn rebate deals really make fry's a love and hate relationship.

On a happy note this receiver just replaced my old Kenwood Soveriegn vr-5090. My klipsch speakers were brought to life and sound amazing. The tx-nr5010 they had in the show room hooked up to RF-82's sold me on buying this reciever. It was truly amazing. Just goes to show how important listening to a pairing is when deciding on what amp/reciever to choose.
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