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2 HD DVR's I can only schedule one from the websight

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I have 2 HD DVR's from DirecTV that were installed less than one month ago. My problem is that I can only schedule to one of them from the scheduling selection on the DirecTV's website. Every time I try to schedule to the main receiver. It says cannot process my request and I must call technical support.

I've spoken to the folks at technical support and they have assured me that the DVR that I cannot schedule to is the main DVR at my residence. I have reset both DVR's with a cold reboots and make sure that program sharing is turned on at the device.

I need to be able to schedule to the main DVR because many times the secondary DVR will be turned off. Both connect to the Internet with no problem and I can do on screen programming with no problem.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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What do you mean the secondary DVR is turned off? Do you mean that it is just put into standby, by using the power off button on the remote, or on the front of the DVR? Or do you mean that you unplug the power cable, or turn off a power outlet that it is plugged into?

If the DVR still has power to it, then it is not truly turned off. It is just in standby, and it can still receive the instructions to record programs etc from the website.

If you are actually killing power to the DVR then you are correct you won't be able to set recordings from the website. I'm wondering if this is actually your issue, and the names of the DVRs on direcTV's website are just backward from what you actually have set up in your home (for example the one on the website labelled as bedroom is actually in the living room at your house, and the one labelled on the website as living room is actually in the bedroom).

Look at the actual model numbers of your two DVRs (HR21-700, HR24-500, etc), and which rooms they are located in, and compare that to what DirecTV has in their system at the website. If both of your DVRs have the same model number then you need to look at the receiver ID numbers.

Also, if you can post your model numbers on here we may be able to give you more help if there is some other issue. For example I think at one time the HR34 couldn't be programmed from the website, can't remember if that is still the case or not.
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I have HR 24 -500 brand-new less than one month old from DirecTV.
I have two of them one located in the basement and one located in the family room. When the basement unit is powered on and up and running I can schedule from the website no problem. The problem exists when the unit is unplugged. I understand that I cannot program to this device when the unit is unplugged but I should be able to still program to the other unit is located in the family room. I cannot do that I have never been able to do that. It shows up in the list but when I try to schedule the programming it says to call DirecTV technical support. I've done that several times they have make sure that the units are programmed correctly and that the unit in the family room is the main unit.

There will be times when the basement unit is powered off and unplugged I still should be able to program to the family room unit. That's my problem. Any thoughts on why this would happen?

I have plugged the units in to the whole house system that DVR invited which is their router. I have also disconnected and plugged directly into the back of my DVR unit to my router this seems to make no difference. I do have Internet access through the DVR at all times. Just cannot schedule to the family room unit. I have went to the DirecTV website and confirmed that I do have the correct cards installed in the correct units and that they are labeled correctly.

Any help would be appreciated

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I don't [or haven't ever] used this feature, but "I wonder" if the DVR that you seem to be unplugging [why?] is your primary [or listed as] receiver?
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THe one I am unplugging is not my primary per DIrect TV tech support
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Just to be sure we are 100% straight, when you have the basement one plugged in you can program both DVRs from the website, but when the basement one is unplugged you can't program either of them?

Next question, what is the reasoning behind unplugging the one in the basement? They really don't use that much power (around 25watts I believe). You'd be better off just leaving it on all the time, and trying to save power elsewhere (switching to CFL, or LED lights, raising/lowering thermostat temp a degree, etc.).
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No it doesn't matter if I have the basement receiver turned on or not I cannot schedule programming from the DirecTV website to the unit in the family room. I have never been able to do it since DirecTV has been installed.

I understand the unit in the basement does not need much power. That's not the point, the point is I should be able to record from the website on both units. There is times when that unit is unplugged and we are using it elsewhere (on the boat in the cabin out at the beach house) all of these alternate places I' can watch recorded shows without it being connected to an antenna.
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