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I watch mainly 720p and 1080i live sports and over the cable movies and of course 1080p 24 an 60 Bluray. i have had many many high quality projectors in my HT. My wife took one look at the picture thrown by the Sony and said buy it. Its a whoe level above anything I have had in my HT. A whole nother level of realism and of you are there for live video. Really. And that is pretty much the universal opinion of those that have purchased that machine, many after viewing it in my HT including one noted WSR reviewer..

yes thats true.

i was almost 4 weeks in my holidayhouse and as i have there much time to watch there the vw 1000 (almost every day 2-3 hours:))
i can say i like the picture a lot.

as the screen was only 3 meter wide i have much light to use the iris to improve the cr. and i switch film pr. to on that increase
the quality the motion was handle i also not care about the 30% light lost this function have.

the whole image is very nice i still love this pr.
its for a home cinema one of the best pr. may for some the best you can buy today.