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barco data 500 help

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I have recently acquired a CRT projector and don't really know what I am doing. I connected my laptop to the projector via VGA and put my computer on the projector mode but nothing will show. I am thinking that I need to change the input on the projector but i don't have a remote control for it so I wouldn't know how to change it.

Any help would be great!

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You can't do anything without the remote, sorry! I have some available, or they do show up on eBay. Keep in mind that this is a really old projector. Check the tube condition before you spend any money on it, Pull the lenses and look at the tube condition:


Any tube less than a 5 makes the set not worth spending any money on IMHO.
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Before you get IR remote, you can use projectors internal back lit remote.

It should flip out from back panel. Internal remote.jpg 41k .jpg file
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The 500 did not come with an internal keypad.
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