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Help with Denon 1910 upgrade

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I have a Denon 1910 driving a Focal 806V bookshelf and SVS PB12-NSD. It is working OK for me.

My friend was looking for an entry level AVR and was deciding on the Denon 1312 or 1612. I told him to avoid the 1312 altogether and either look at 1612 which is on close out sales or some used ones. Then noticed that the 2312 is on a good price now, but my friend just don't feel the need for a such a higher model. I am now considering buying the 2312 for myself and giving my 1910 to my friend for a low price. So my question is:

Will 2312 bring any significant improvement over 1910 sound wise? I am aware of the feature improvements including network capabilities. I am also a bit suspicious of the 90W vs 105W capability between the models as both weighs 11 kg. So does this mean sonic-ally it all boils down to Audyssey XT vs MutiEQ?

How will the 1910 fare compared to 1612 if the latter were about 50% expensive to 1910?

I am considering upgrading my speakers in near future so that plays a part as well.

Thanks a lot.
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If you want a quality sound without bells and whistles i think you should go with Anthem MRX series. I was using denon 1910 powering my paradigm fronts and upgraded my avr to anthem mrx300 and noticed a huge improvement out of the box. Then i ran ARC and noticed even more good and detailed sound out of my speaker. Anthem has preouts so you are future proof if you need an extra power in the future.
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Thanks Bryan

Sorry I should have mentioned. I am not in the USA and where I am, everything is priced higher and I was only tempted to upgrade on the close-out sale price on the Denons.

Anthems you mentioned seem more expensive and might be a worthy consideration after I upgrade my speakers.

Thanks for the pointer though. I was totally unaware of them.
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There should be some improvement going from the 1910 (MultEQ) to the 2312(MultEQ XT), although not likely any noteable difference compared to the 1612 (uses same MultEQ).
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Thanks jd. I think I may be better off going for something of a real upgrade unless I need the new features.
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I think the 1910 actually has a better feature set than the 1612 including 7.1, analog to hdmi video upconversion, zone 2, more optical and coax inputs, etc. I wouldn't make that move to the 1612.

At least he 2312 would give you networking, streaming and Audyssey MultEQ XT.
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Thanks afrogt.

Just to make a fair comparison on the weight, the Denon 1912 weighs 10.22 (22.5 Lb) as as against 11 kg of AVR 1910. So not sure what changed between the xx10 models to xx12 and it may not be fair to attribute the weight change to a weakening of amp section alone without knowing what changed.

1912 thus weighs less than 2312 by 780 grams, but also gets more connectivity(?) and perhaps that would explain some the weight gain. Hmm.
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