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help! short notice must make decision by tonight polk audio 505 vs psw 10

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I found out on the news that starting tomorrow Amazon will start collecting tax in my state. I have points to use, but wonder if I should get psw10 or psw 505? Do most subwoofers come with the cables to connect to stereo? I see subwoofer cables for sale always so I get confused. it has been several years since I bought a subwoofer so I wasn't sure
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I hear that ps10 is good for small rooms but has a lot of hard time hitting low notes. would it mess up a lot on jazz rap techno and a little bit of dubstep not much though. i listen to rock classical alternative also and some pop and blues
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Are polk audio good subs? How reliable were yours? I hear that sometimes the psw10 amp runs really hot. I hear that 505 is discontinued but sounds pretty good
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The PSW10 is not in the same league as the PSW505. Disregard it.

The PSW505 is a good deal at $229 at Newegg. But the Klipsch RW-12D at Newegg for $299 this weekend or the Jamo SUB650 at Vanns for the same price is better.

Subs generally do not come with cables. You can get subwoofer cables at a good price from Monoprice, or get a Tartan Cable through Amazon.
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I looked at the 505 on amazon and thought that it was sold by amazon. I will think about saving my points even with the salestax tomorrow. I think that amazon will only let me use my points if it's through them, but I am not sure. I will have to call them now and check. my older kenwood receiver with 5 speakers and a 8 inch powered sub from sears came with all the cables and speaker wires. If you pay a lot of money for a powered sub I feel like you should get a free cable. Even svs and hsu doesn't give cables either then. I have 55 dollars in points for amazon so I thought about using them.
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looking at the sellers again I do see this listing $229.99 for amazon. is this much better then my kenwood powered 8 inch sub? it still works and I always thought that it hit hard for a 8 inch sub.
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how much better is the klipsch? I read reviews that said the psw505 could make neighbors show up because it rattles windows and shakes stuff off the wall. or most good subwoofers can do that anyway?
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Lots of subs can make windows rattle and shake stuff on the wall...but they don't necessarily sound good doing it. IMO, +1 to cel4145's suggestion of the RW-12D over the PSW505.
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I hear that monoprice has some of the best deals. i am afraid of that site though. The last time I went to the site a few months ago makware bytes blogged it saying that it tried to attack my site. I know that it got hacked in the past, but I wonder if they got that straightened out with the security. maybe it was a false reading from malware bytes but it was scary seeing that message. it said potentially dangerous site.
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I've visited the Monoprice website many times - I've bought lots of cables and connectors from them - and my avast! anti-virus app has never had a problem with it.
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I just got off the phone with Polk. they said they don't remember ever including a subwoofer cable in it;s products. How come my kenwood sub came with a cable though.
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sorry with all the questions about the subs everyone. it has been several years since I bought one other then the 10 inch passive cerwin vega sub from craigslist several months ago. I will think about all of your suggestions and decide if I should save my points and let them add up for a better purchase later on or buy tonight even though the salestax starts tomorrow in pennsylvania
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I took your advice and browsed monoprice without malware bytes running and only norton. Norton didn't block it. Is the polk audio subwoofer a lot better then cerwin vega cmx series?
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I thought everything was going good at amazon until it said 1 to 3 month shipment. I decided to buy it anyway. I decided to use my points, because the klipsch sub was more on amazon then newegg. the points helped a lot with the polk audio purchase. If the klipsch was less then 300 I may have got it on amazon. I looked at svs subs earlier, but decided that it was more money then I had right now for the cheapest model. If it wasn't for the salextax situation I would have saved my points and money till I could buy a more expensive sub. I did read a lot of good reviews about the 505 before buying it though. Thank you everyone for your help. I appreciate it.
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Do yourself a favor and get the Energy EWS-M8 if you want anything approaching accurate bass that is not just a bloated muddy mess. Open port bass reflex is only goof for volume. If you don't want shake the walls and split your eardrums, a sealed subwoofer with no open port like the EWS-M8 is far better.
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