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Purchased UT50 Have a Question

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I purchased the UT50 and love it, I want a 3d blu ray player., and some 3d glasses, I know I need certain glasses for the 2012 plasma model, are there many options for glasses or is there just one model that everyone gets? Also what type of 3d blu ray player is recommended? Will any 3d blu ray player work? I am new to 3D, I used to have a TC-P50G10 and loved that until its blacks rose to the heavenz. So what is the model # of the 3d glasses that are compatible with my TV? Will any 3d blu ray player be compatible?
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Some people will tell you that only Panasonic active shutter glasses will work on this TV. I am a new owner of this TV as well and I tried the Samsung active shutter RF version and they work just fine with the UT 50. the build quality of the Samsung 3-D glasses is not quite up to par with Panasonic's version but from my own testing they operate the same. The price difference is significant Samsungs are $20 compared to Panasonic's over $60. to answer your question it does appear that any active shutter 3-D glasses that use RF technology will work.
Any 3-D Blu-ray player should be just fine the problem you could have is if your AVR is not 3-D capable that is to say if you want to run everything through a receiver like I do.
the model of glasses I'm using presently are the ssg-4100gb http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-SSG-4100GB-Active-Glasses-Models/dp/B007K9P7H0

hope this helps you:D
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I recently purchased a 50ut50 and after some reading on the topic a couple pairs of the 4100gb also. For the life of me i cannot get either pair of these glasses to pair with the display and i am really irked since I've read of others having success with little hassle. So if you can share and/or link me to what magical procedure i have to follow or the root cause it will me much appreciated.
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