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Universal Remotes in Singapore/Hong Kong

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Any idea of the choices and places that i can go check out for buying universal remotes? Also any recommendations for brand/models to make? i am looking for something that can have activities based programming and is computer programmable and updateable. my budget is around SGD 500 for all the components that will be needed to make the remote work and to program it. my current set up is as follows:

Samsung 55" UA55ES8000
Epson TW3600 Projector
Remaco Projector Screen
Onkyo NR818 AV Receiver
Singtel Mio Set top Box
Starhub Cisco HD Set top Box
Sony Bluray player S790
Windows Media Center HTPC (Casing Silverstone HTPC GD-06 with built MCE remote receiver)
XBox 360
Nintendo Wii console

In the future I may add one or two more devices. So i am looking for a remote that will support about 15 devices at least. Currently I am completely overwhelmed with remotes and need to simplify this..
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You may read here on the following remotes

JP1 (cheap but may be more work)
Harmony (easier with extensive database, more pricier and recent models are crippled and lacks some important functions)
Xsight18 (cheaper than Harmony, has RF control at a very cheap price point but you need to buy buy a RF base separately, a good value for money)
URC (more expensive and reliable and advanced models need to be bought from an authorized dealer as they dont give away the software to program the remote)

Harmony may have HK/Singapore dealer for sure. Otherwise best bet would be to buy from Ebay sellers who accept international shipments or buy from USA through those who accept International credit cards or use a mail forwarder like MyUs.com to buy it and mail it to you. I use it often and it is cheaper often even after paying the mail forwarder fee + shipping + duties that may be there. YMMV.

I am fairly new here, so others will pitch in. Zero reply posts are less likely to get replied to so i have already done my bit tongue.gif
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more and more i search the internet, more and more i get the feeling in SG at least that either it is harmony or it is nothing... i have asked around at adelphi and also not been able to find someone who has any other brand... i am surprised that all those high end installers at adelphi do not provide such solutions as part of their packages... or is it that they are not interested in dealing with you if only thing you want is an universal remote???

and i would love to get an URC but not having an authorized dealer from whom i can get the remote and the software along with it means i cannot use it... frown.gif
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Hi, I found an interesting Remote Control From singapore which can control maximum up to Eight Devices.

Its called RANGER SMARTY REMOTE Keyboard. Its 2 in 1 Product can act as a Remote for Eight Devises and can
use this as a Keyboard for SMART TV's, Notebooks, PC's etc.,

Very Interesting One.

Hope, this information will server your purpose.
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