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Opinions for new TV

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I am replacing a 46" Sharp Aquos in our basement with a 60". 12 foot viewing distance with no outside light. Regular programming off DirectTV, mostly sports/movies. Xbox 360 is also connected...
I think I've narrowed it down to these:
Panasonic - TCP60UT50
Sharp - 60LE745U (60LE845U is more than I was hoping to spend)

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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1 vote for Panny (UT50 or ST50 - the latter has a better filter, although that is probably not an issue for you if no outside light). Panny (VT50, and the rest of their line is pretty close for PQ) won the latest Value Electronics shootout, and generally gets the best reviews.
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What about Samsung UN60EH6000, great prices lately and good reviews. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0074FGWJC/
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For $2 more you can get the 60" Sharp 640 series with twice as many HDMI ports, WiFi smart features (the Sammy EH6000 is a "dumb" tv).
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with no outside light a projector could work.
you can go 110" and up. get a nice screen for it.
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I agree with @sonyfan on the projector side if that is a viable option. However, if that's not something up your alley I would recommend either the UT50 or even the Samsung 60E550 PDP TV. I recently read a review of the Samsung 550 model on cnet.com which was done by David Katzmeier and he said a lot of great things about it. The only true knock he had on the set was that it doesn't perform very well in pretty lit environments, which sounds like a non-factor for you. A co-worker of mine has the 51E550 (i.e. same TV just 9" smaller) and he had it calibrated recently and it performs really well, we recently watched the Giants and Cowboys game and the colors were extremely accurate and the video processing was pretty impressive (better then my PZ950 which struggles with jaggies and such in some scenarios) All of that being said, the only reason my coworker chose the E550 over the UT50 was because of the 2 pairs of 3D glasses included and the onboard wi-fi. If those 2 things aren't a must for you, or if your router is close enough to your TV (which is a better option anyway) or if you don't mind getting a power-line adapter then I would say the UT50 is a superior TV solely because of the Panasonic mystique in the plasma category and all testing and back and forth I've done/seen on the sets. The UT50 seems to just be a better TV top to bottom, in my opinion.
As for the Sharp LE745, I personally haven't been that impressed with what I've seen on the set, and the only review I read on the TV, again on cnet, said that the LE640 model actually performs better in almost every category, it just loses the 3D and full web browser essentially. From what I've seen of the 745 and 640 I would probably concur, the 640 seems to have a little bit more "pop."
& Finally as for the EH6000 series from Samsung, in my opinion, is a mediocre-to-poor TV at best. I've tested it personally post a professional calibration and the unit is unimpressive to me. Also just like @Steve S suggests, you're going to suffer from a severe lack of inputs for the $. Such as 2 HDMI inputs (which has anyone noticed that for some reason Samsung, on ALL of their 2012 TV's even up to the brand new 75" ES9000 series TV, only has only 3 HDMI inputs??)
Anyways, best of luck on the decision and congrats on the new purchase ahead of time!
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