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I'm looking into either a slim dlp, plasma, or lcd for a friend who is concerned about power and viewing angle, both horizontal and vertical because it is going on a 14" shelf (if I remember correctly) about a foot above eye level in a room with a sectional couch.
The room will be dimly lit or dark some of the time with indirect lamp light otherwise.

LCD doesn't seem like the best option for a sub 400$ used tv, and unless I can find a plasma with low power draw a slim dlp seems like the best option.

My questions are:

How long do lamps last on average?
Does anyone have any experience with slim dlps?
Is Samsung the only brand that makes them?
How does an older dlp 2004 or so and later compare to a 2008 and later plasma for power draw, viewing angles and static and dynamic contrast (black level and brightness)?

1080p resolution is also preferred but I understand it may not come cheap or at all within the Canadian used market on both Plasmas and dlps.

Thanks in advance smile.gif