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WD73742 vs WD-73C12

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Is the 742 worth the extra $$$ if i am not interested in 3D?
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(Sorry, double post due to slow net connection) cool.gif
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What amount the $ difference is including how many pairs of glasses (not included with my Mits), and more importantly, your opinion is all that matters. I would look at the 3D mounted glasses/displays at the different stores and 3D theater movies to form your opinion.

My WD-92A12 (is 3D) actually came with a sticker on the front that said WD-92742. I do enjoy 3D when you can get it. I have a few blu-ray 3D movies and DirectTV has a few 3D channels but content is higher priced and still relatively scarce. I also chose a 3D capable AVR. Using my PS3 so did not need to purchase a player, but got 4 pair of Xpand X103 universal glasses for about $45/each (they are IR not RF bluetooth like the X104 with dongle) but work great with the Mits 742s built in emitter. The HDMI cables I had work fine, but a friend had to replace his that were causing brief blackouts.

3D does look great on a large screen like Mits RP models. Depth makes behind frame width look wider and height taller, not to mention objects closer to viewer in front of frame. eek.gif
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Not perfect but an amazing TV. Compared to others bang-4-buck is really unmatched. I say get it if you can. No regrets. Even had to spend another $360 for a lower wider stand, but it looks and performs like no other TV I have ever owned or even seen. You will occasionally replace a lamp, $99 on Mits site, but still cheaper than other tech at that size. For example, 80 inch non-3D Sharp LCD was $4000 at Sams' club before tax and they are always sold out.

I'm just lucky I'm not trying to remodel entertainment cabinets to fit this monster. Stand sits in front, which lets me get behind for wiring and runs cooler. Go for it!
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Originally Posted by domingos38 View Post

Is the 742 worth the extra $$$ if i am not interested in 3D?

You have left a series out of this question. It goes C12 Series, 642 Series, 742 Series and 842 Series. Then they add the Laser TV on top.

This document shows the step up features from the C12 Series (black dot bullet point), to the 642 Series (blue box bullet point) to the 742 Series (gold box bullet point). http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/asset/file/spec_sheet/WD-73742_Spec_Sheet.pdf . If you look up the 842 spec sheet on the Mitsubishi web site, it will have green diamond bullet points for the new features added to that line.

There are difference, and Mitusbishi and the retailers believe these steps are worth the price differences, however only you can say if you agree. A lot has to do with what you want to do with the TV.

However in short, the C12 series only has 2 HDMI inputs and less picture adjustement features to fine tune the picture to your taste and yes no 3D or internet features.
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