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I'm in the UK, but hope you guys can help....

My 46" D8000 3D TV and HW-E551 sound bar had been working great using an HDMI cable to connect them.

Normally at power up the sound bar would show D-in then change to ARC and produce the required sound output.

Now for some reason it sticks on D-in and producess no audio.

It still works ok via optical input and the auto power off works ok via HDMI.

The sound bar remote works ok as well, just can't get the ARC to work as it used to.

I have easy net turned on etc. Have updated to latest sw on the TV.

This problem may have started when I installed the ITV player sw upgrade, but not sure.

When I refresh Easynet devices with no other HDMI device connected apart from the sound bar, refreshing the EasyNet device list shows it discovers the 'receiver' but does not actually add it to the final device list.
Using the same process with my Blue ray tuner connected - it finds the player and adds it ok.

Me thinks a software bug between the TV and sound bar ?

Any ideas / suggestions ?

Thanks Tim