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What are some good ~24" HD CRT monitors for gaming?

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I know the first that comes to mind is the FW900, but unfortunately I can't find any of those in my area. I'm open to anything that's around 24", widescreen, flatscreen, no added image procesing (no extra input lag), and can do 1080p/i and/or 720p/i. I'll be using this with Xbox 360. Thanks.
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Seems to be the cheapest 24" i could track down on ebay, the sony's and the old sun brand 24 inchers areall 4-500 dollars.

Even at 100$ for the hp the shipping will be outrageous, it would be better to track down a crt hdtv.


A 26", 30", or even 34" crt hdtv will be cheaper and easier to find. The best ones are the Sony xbr's which offer the highest resolution.
Crt hdtv's will all accept 1080i resolution and as long as you feed them a 1080 signal there shouldn't be any input lag.
The problem with crt's is they don't usually display all 1920 lines of resolution even though they support it. Sony's xbr line can display around 1400 lines while most other brands and lower end sony's offer around 1000 lines + or - 200 lines which would only provide around 1000x1080i.

The hp's specs indicate that it should be able to resolve full 1920x1080p or very close to it. The question you have to ask is, is it worth paying the same or more for a 24" monitor where you may not even get the benefit of the full 1080p or is a bigger screen that can provide an adequate hd resolution a better option?

Ask around on the forums about the resolution of different manufacturers if you go for something other than an xbr, brands that I know of are Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Philips, and Samsung,

I have firsthand experience with this issue myself as i'm running a 51" hd crt rear projection at 1080i as a monitor with no noticeable input lag and a reasonably sharp picture at around 1200x1080i advertised resolution. This doesn't mean the image is stretched abnormally it just means there is less horizontal detail.
You DO NOT want to feed most if not all directview crt hdtv's with a 720p signal rather than a 1080i signal as they will have to scale it to either 1080i, 540p (rare), or 480p which will introduce input lag.

Good luck smile.gif

EDIT: It looks like the hp is in fact 16:10 which means it will probably accept and display 1080p but it will have black bars at the top and bottom with proper aspect ratio equating to a smaller 22" or so screen, a crt hdtv is definetly your best option.
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The advantage to the monitor is that you have flexibility in choosing your resolution (full multi-sync). HD CRTs only display 1080i and 480p/540p. Those monitors also blow away any HD CRT in PQ and in overall quality (geometry and sharpness) assuming that they are in good working order and don't have a billion hours on them. I have a Sony CRT monitor (made in 2001) I picked up new in box off ebay a few years ago for a song and it blows away my Toshiba HD CRT in every way. Granted the monitor I got only does up to 1600x1200 and is 4:3 but the picture is stunning and the sharpness is way better than you could get on any HD CRT set.
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Maybe so, but the slightly better sharpness and resolution flexibility comes at a very steep cost considering used fw900's are selling for 500$ while xbr's can be had for 100-200 and are a lot easier to find. With 1400 lines of resolution they are more than adequate. The picture quality is also nothing to scoff at, I find it very hard to believe that a fw900 has immensely better picture quality than what was a top of the line HDTV in its day.
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Yes, interlaced HDTV CRT's are pretty rough on the eyes close up, although they are fine for console gaming. If you can tolerate 4:3 format, there are still plenty of those floating around for very cheap(Craigslist is a resource there). Look for aperture grill style rather than shadow mask, but either type has the benefit of zero lag and response time. I generally use a 120hz LCD now, but I occasionally hook up one of my old CRT monitors for old times sake. The deep black and beautiful motion always amazes me. The only downside is the size and aspect ratio, just be sure to set the refresh rate at 85hz or more.
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Having used a 19" Viewsonic CRT monitor in the past and having very little issues with the upgrade to my 51" CRT rear projection I can't say I agree with you about interlaced crt's being "rough on the eyes", maybe for fine text? Though I'm sure interlacing would be more noticeable on a direct view vs a rear pro, I don't notice it at all when gaming.
4:3 probably wouldnt work very well at all for the op, I don't think the Xbox 360 supports high resolution 4:3 images.
An CRT HDTV may not be perfect but it is a lot better of a value for your situation, where there is no need to have multiple resolution support.
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Oh, ok-I was referring to direct-view CRT's being hard to look at close up, due to the flicker of the low refresh rate. I hadn't thought of the big rear production type-suppose they would be just fine in that regard.

I used my Xbox 360 with a vga cable on 4:3 CRT monitor for a while, but it's not ideal. First, the 360 cannot output any higher than 60hz, and full screen support is hit or miss. The image is progressive scan and goes up to 1024 x 768, but is usually letterboxed-resulting in a tiny 60hz image.
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