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I have just purchased a new Anthem AVM50 processor. The unit is having numerous video problems. At power on the unit displays static and pixels. The Anthem logo display briefly then goes all black.

I have attempted to hook up dvd players via HDMI, Component, SVideo, and even composite. The unit will not show the video from any source except when the setup menu is active. The moment you exit the setup menu the video disappears.

I have changed every input to every available resolution that is available. I have re checked all connections. The unit also does not display any on screen display menu. It will only show the brief status messages at the bottom of the screen such as sub level. System changes have to be done via the front panel of the unit. OSD has never activated using any available output.

After failure at all levels. The unit was reset to factory defaults. I started over with no success.

I have modified scaling with no effect.

I am familiar with assigning inputs on other units. I dont think this is my error. However, with the ridiculous amount of options available to change maybe there is something I am overlooking.

If anyone has experienced similar issues and has a suggestion for resolution I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, the Anthem is going back for refund. My equally good sounding and much more stable NAD will be re implemented.
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I suggest you ask in the Anthem owners thread (tweaking Thread) Bab, Jay, John etc are very knowledgeable and helpful. Also make sure to list what display, settings and firmware you are using.

Also do you have a 50 or 50v (4 or 8 HDMI inputs is the easy way to tell)
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Thanx. It is a 50 that has been upgraded by anthem. It is supposed to do everything the v does except dolby true hd and dts master.
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