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Comcast HD image “too big” - not an aspect setting issue

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Last week everything on Comcast HD was fine.
Over the weekend, I noticed the problem - during a baseball game in HD, the score display in the upper left only showed the visitors half of the display. The same problem was visible on the Weather Channel - graphics along the edge were only partly visible.
I tried all the aspect settings - they made the problem worse (including 4:3), as none of them make the source image smaller.
My first thought was that Comcast made some change, but I reviewed my settings in case I accidentally changed something. So, I rebooted the DVR - same problem after.
Current display related settings are:
DVR: Cisco RNG200
Menu>Setup>Screen Position Setup: the arrows are centered on the screen
BTW, the HD Zoom button on the remote has no effect
A/V Receiver:
Menu>Input/Output Assign>Monitor Out>Resolution: Auto
Menu>Source Setup>Picture Adjust>Wide Mode: Auto
Menu>Source Setup>Picture Adjust>Picture Mode: Direct
Menu>Picture>Picture Mode: THX
Menu>Picture>Aspect adjustments>Screen format: Full
Menu>Picture>Aspect adjustments>HD Size: 2
The “FULL” and “2” settings displayed the most picture area

Again, the various aspect settings neither fixed nor improved the problem.

Before I call Comcast (sigh), does anyone have any ideas to try?
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By "reboot" do you mean power off then on, or remove power, wait several minutes, reconnect power and turn it back on? I have a media player that glitches the picture size every now and then when an mpeg video has a glitch. It requires a power cycle to correct itself.
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Called Comcast and the nice lady told me what to do.
Turn DVR on. Then turn it off and quickly press and hold the "menu" and "info" buttons.
An HD setup screen appears. Follow the directions.
HD is now correct again.
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