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Originally Posted by tigercat74 View Post

I am debating between buying ysp 2200 vs ysp 3300. Do you guys think the 3300 would be worth the extra money? I mostly watch DirecTV, Blu Rays movies, and would occasionally listen to music over it. Thanks in advance.

Read my post #39 in this thread. The sonic hole from 130 Hz to 600 Hz in the 2200 is very noticeable in music and in some forums folks have posted that it's also where most of the frequencies are, of the sound of a basketball hitting the floor when being dribbled which makes watching basketball games kinda weird. (Most movies were pretty good, though.) The 3300 and 4300 include mid-range speakers that close the hole.
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Well I found another website for anyone looking to purchase the YSP 4300 it is listed at 1299.95 plus 25.50 for shipping and handling which is still a steal compared to 1799.00 everywhere else but at these low prices they tend to sell out rather quickly. Well here is the link http://www.savinglots.com/lotprod.asp?item=YSP4300BL&gclid=CLLk3cCpoLUCFcef4AodhRsAEQ
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Buy.com has it for $946.00 right now if anyone is interested. The 3300
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Buy.com has changed it's name and is now Rakuten.com. I tried to buy the 3300 and got all the way to finalize order and it just disappeared. I will wait a day and check my Bank to see if the charge has been done but this was wierd to say the least.

Later info: I just went back to Buy.com and it is now $1499.0 after it blocked my Buy at the $946.99 Price. I am done with this place for anything way too shady for me.
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Buy.com is listed on yamaha a site as a authorized seller. It did the same thing to me and I kept trying for 2 days then finally went through after 5 tries. Tracking from FedEx says it will be delivered tomorrow, so we'll see. In the 2200 posts people said that it was selling out fast when it was on sale for $500 instead of $800. Could be that the item got sold before you finished checking out. After my purchase went through an authorization showed up instantly but the charge didn't actually go through until it shipped. I ordered it on the day it switched over officially. I talked to yamaha and they said rakuten is also an authorized Internet seller. I'll report back tomorrow after it arrives.
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I did order mine as well yesterday after lunch time buy tried to pay via V.me, 3 hours later the order was cancelled because they couldn't verify the address through v.me's network. They sent me an email informing me about it. I was really mad and upset because I didn't want to loose out of the deal because of it. mad.gif

I then had to re-do the transaction, but this time I directly used the credit card to pay for it. Since its a $1k purchase, buy.com calls you up to confirm that the address and purchase is legit (its annoying but I do appreciate it, in case my card was ever stolen.) Today morning I see that the order was sent to the warehouse and pending shipment for a tracking number. The credit card account still shows the purchase as pending.

Does anyone know how long the standard shipping usually takes? Another thing I wanted to know was if anyone had actually used and what were their opinions, there's not too many reviews online because the product was only released like 2 months ago.

I was almost about to buy the 2200 (knowing about the sonic hole) and had convinced myself that I wouldn't use it so much for the music as compared to movies. But when I saw that 3300 was $500 cheaper and just about $150 more than the 2200, I decided to just bite the bullet and go for something that I felt was better. I hope I don't regret my decision! smile.gif
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I was in the same boat as you regarding the 2200, I think it is definitely worth it for the savings from$1500. Also considering that I was going to pay $799 for the 2200, the $200 difference should be worth it. And if not then they do have a 45 day return policy. Mine was shipped on the 1st of Feb and is supposed to be here today. It shipped from California so depending where you are how long it will take to get. I'm in Chicago. I ordered it on the 30th of January so it took two days to process before it shipped
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I'm in Boston so I guess I'll have to wait a week before I get it. As for the 45 day return policy... I don't know how they accept returns when there's no issues with the hardware other than the fact you weren't satisfied. It looks like you'll still be responsible for return shipping and insurance (which could turn out to be a lot). That's the main reason I'm nervous. eek.gif
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Yeah the return shipping would be on you but worst case sell it on eBay or here and you should be able to get your money back. Shipping it back ups ground with insurance would probably be $50-60 bucks
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Well it showed up no problem, huge box though barely fit in my car. Hopefully have it set up tonight if not tomorrow night and will let people know on how I think it sounds.
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It's not a matter of if I'm going to get either the YSP-3300/4300 the question is when. I went to Yamaha Website and downloaded the User's manual. I have done this for years now. The way technology changes and the hookup's required and are available, I can get some Idea about how I want to go about installing and setting up a unit before I get it. A lot of times I dodge frustrating Hours by reading the manual before I need it. At the very least you can Highlight certain things in set-up that you know have to be right to get the unit working properly and enjoying with the least amount of frustration.
After looking at the manual I highly recommend all potential buyers and people that have already ordered this unit and are waiting on Delivery Give this a Shot.
Besides it passes the time when your WAITING.
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Well my Yamaha YSP 4300 that I received 2 weeks ago that I paid 1199.00 for but the website no longer have them in stock. It has been set up and I'm in love with it. The quality of the materials, the sound quality and the aesthetics. The abundance of inputs along with the optional wireless iPod hookups and FM radio and front USB input. I'm still leaning things about this unit and I am completely sold on it. I highly recommend this unit to who ever is interested as last long as you get it for less than the 1799.99 price.
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Just a few impressions since yesterday. Wow what a difference. Blows my old soundbar out of the water. Samsung HW-E450. The sound does really sound like its coming from 5 different locations. The 5 beam,target mode and the stereo mode , 3beam plus stereo, and all the other modes do work pretty well depending on what your watching. The dialogue is a huge improvement over before. You dont't have to play with the volume to hear voices in certain parts of movies. Only checked out two movies, batman tdkr, and looper. When I watched looper before it was hard to hear dialogue in many scenes. The standard setup with the mic did a pretty good job, got 5 beam, considering I have a odd shaped room. I did start to manually try to adjust the beams to see if I can get 5 beam + 2. You can save three different settings so I'll see how it goes. Haven't tried music yet, I will during the weekend and see how it performs. The only thing I would say may bother some people is the bass. Not huge bass, but in my opinion blends in really well. Not overpowering but I have it on +2, and to me seems to integrate really well with the sound. So I guess it really just depends on how much bass you like. I'll report again after the weekend after some solid time spent toying with it.
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Thanks to both of you for the info. All the info you can provide is very helpfull to owners and future owners. I will get one of these, I just don't seem to be as proficient at getting one at the right price, as you Pro's are.
Thanks Again,
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Just keep googling every couple of days and you catch the low price because when the price is low they tend to sell out rather quickly
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I've been searching for a deal on the ysp 2200 since early November and was almost ready to pull the trigger on it for $800 until I read this forum and found out that a ysp 3300 was available for $950. That model wasn't even on my radar because I considered $1500 for a soundbar to be too expensive. But when you can get a 3300 for $150 more than a 2200 I decided to jump at it ASAP.
I felt that, since its a newer model and fixes the sonic hole, it would be worthe the extra. ~$500 off is certainly great and I hope it's worth it.'shiz20' had posted his initial reviews and they seemed positive. I'm supposed to get mine on Tuesday. I'll post my initial reviews as well because this forum has helped me and I would like to give back.
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I don't think you'll be disappointed. After some more time with it today, I am totally ecstatic with this bar. Everything sounds pretty sweet. The only gripe I would have is with music, but how much do you really expect out of a bar and a woofer. It does sound pretty good but I won't really be using it for music much as I have other toys for that. If it was my only option for music I would still be pleased. For tv and movies I couldn't be happier, can't say enough about the dialogue, haven't had a problem yet. No playing with the volume at all. For those interested in getting one, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Still manually tweaking the beams and it only sounds better. I would definitely suggest that. After the auto calibration I thought it was pretty good but it's even better now. The construction of this is top notch as well, very solid, you can tell its quality construction. Could be the last bar you will buy for awhile. Interested to hear other people's comments. Once I have the upstairs calibrated I'm also going to try this in the basement that doesn't have a side wall to see how it sounds down there, and compare it to my 5.1. We'll see. Don't know how much of a difference the 4300 would make over the 3300, but I'm totally pleased with this buy. I'll report back in a few days when I try it out downstairs.
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They are back in stock at http://www.interstatemusic.com/876239-Yamaha-YSP4300BL-Digital-Sound-Projector-Black-YSP4300BL.aspx, but hurry up they only have 2 in stock
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They are back in stock at http://www.interstatemusic.com/876239-Yamaha-YSP4300BL-Digital-Sound-Projector-Black-YSP4300BL.aspx, but hurry up they only have 2 in stock for 1199.99
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Thanks a million. Got"er Done. Would not have been able to get this without your Help.
Thanks Again, If I can ever Help you out with anything. Just Drop me a line and it will be Done.
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Glad I was able to help someone and be glad you did for they are out of stock again
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I am in the market for a 4300...guess I was about 23 hours late for the 1199 deal. Hopefully more come in stock at that price.
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Hey Scrappy,
I could not find it on their website, but I can tell you that they must carry 30K of items cause I went thru the entire website looking. I then picked up the phone and gave them a ring and walla they took the order. I have not got any shipping info yet.
Give it a whirl.
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Hey Glenee - Do you happen to have the store's item # for the 4300 (or anyone above that was able to get an order through with interstatemusic)? They weren't able to find it in their system by just the model number.

Thanks for the tip!
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This ain't the first time it's happened but soon as the run out of stock it is not listed anymore. But I will track it and list as soon as they have more in stock but when I list you have to act fast if you want it. Stay tuned
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I've had a 4300 since Jan 15th. And I am VERY happy with it.

I have had a couple of quirks with it however: The sub seems to have lost connection a few times and I just get the flashing TX symbol on the bar. It's about three feet away from the bar, so there should be no issue.

When it does reconnect, , I get odd pops or thumps in the bass. Has anyone experienced either the fluttering or popping in the sub, or connection issues?

I have a wireless router in the same room and I was wondering about a channel conflict. But I don't recall if this was wifi or bluetooth. Has anyone read in the manual if it specifies?
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Not sure how it connects, but I have no problems with mine. Wireless router is in the same room as well. Less than a foot from the router. Don't recall what it says in the manual regarding type of connection. Try rebooting. Might help
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Originally Posted by scrappler View Post

Hey Glenee - Do you happen to have the store's item # for the 4300 (or anyone above that was able to get an order through with interstatemusic)? They weren't able to find it in their system by just the model number.

Thanks for the tip!
That was the problem I ran into on the last run of these. I called and they couldn't find it either. So it may be like Kemp Said after their out, they take it out of the Inventory list and even the Sales People can't bring it up.
Just Hang with Kemp and you two will get it done I am sure of It.
The order sheet they sent to me VIA email show's No Item Number, Sorry
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I received my YSP 3300 yesterday but since I didn't have enough time to calibrate it and tweak it for decent surround, I just decided to hook up all the necessary cable-ing.
I did what I thought was needed to get it to work but I ran into two issues, one with ARC and two with CEC. Here's my setup before I go into further explanation:
Hi all. I've tried searching on this forum and on Google without much luck, I'm afraid. I hope one of you bright sparks might be able to help.

I have a Samsung UN46ES7500 and a Yamaha YSP-3300 Soundbar (both of which are which is supposed to be ARC and CEC compatible).

My set up on the soundbar is as follows:
HDMI (out): Soundbar (ARC channel) ->TV (ARC channel/ HDMI2 on the TV).
HDMI1 (in): Comcast Cable box -> Soundbar.
HDMI2 (in): Xbox360 -> Soundbar.

HDMI control is set to 'ON' on the soundbar. The CEC functionality is set to 'ON' on the the TV and the speakers are set to 'external' on the TV. The TV speakers at this point are basically disabled.

ARC issue:
When the content is driven from Cable box or Xbox to TV via soundbar I don't have any issues. Picture is perfect and sound is played via soundbar. However when the content is driven from the TV to the soundbar via ARC, I don't hear any sound from the soundbar. Now I did call up yamaha support and they've told me to disable the HDMI control and set the HDMI input to TV (as per the manual page 32) which I think is incorrect. By doing this my TV speakers play sound when the content is driven by the TV. I was told by support that that's how its supposed to work, which I think is BS! He said that ARC was basically to allow your TV to take over control when it needs to and I have to use an 'optical' cable to transmit the sound to the soundbar. I explained that 'ARC' meant that one doesn't have to use the optical cable anymore and that he/the manual seems incorrect. The guy on support didn't want to listen and he just told me "Hey that's what the manual says and I'm sticking to it"

If anyone knows the exact setting to get the ARC functionality to work I'll be grateful for any assistance.
CEC issue:
For the CEC functionality to work (at least partially), one needs to do the following: 'HDMI control is set to 'ON' on the soundbar. The CEC functionality is set to 'ON' on the the TV and the speakers are set to 'external' on the TV.' This setting does work and the TV remote can basically control the volume, power-off and mute on the soundbar. However I see that the soundbar doesn't turn on when the TV is turned on and I have to use the soundbar remote to turn the soundbar on. Its not the end of the world but it kinda is annoying. And when I turn on the soundbar it defaults the input to 'TV-ARC' although the picture is from HDMI1 or whatever HDMI input was last used. You see a picture but no sound until you select the same HDMI input again. Again this is not the end of the world but is annoying.

I'm not sure if I have to live with this or there's some way to get this to work correctly. Again I'll be grateful for any assistance. biggrin.gif
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Hi. Although I don't have a Samsung TV or Yamaha soundbar, from the time I've spent on these threads I can give you some information.

Re the CEC issue, Samsung TVs don't support "auto-on" as part of their CEC implementation. So you're stuck with that issue unless you decide to get a programmable remote. Defaulting to the "TV" input seems to happen with various TVs and soundbars. Again, I don't think you can get it to change that behavior without a Harmony or similar remote.

Re the ARC issue, what you were told is indeed BS. However, whatever is causing the problem is likely on Sammy's side and I suggest you call their customer support to see if they can explain what's wrong. There have been reports in these threads of ARC not working with a TV's smart apps.
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