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$700 HTIB or Build my own?

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I am trying to decide whether or not to buy a HTIB. I have no experience building my own system but I see that most people recommend building your own. Can I put together a better setup on my own for $700 and what would you suggest? I am getting a projector and my room size is 15' x 20'.

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http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/BOSA360WHA/BOSTON-ACOUSTICS-A360-3-Way-Dual-6.5in-Tower-Speaker-Each-White/1.html two of those,

one of these http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/BOSA225CWHA/BOSTON-ACOUSTICS-A225C-2-Way-Center-Channel-Speaker-White/1.html

and a pair of thesehttp://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/BOSSWXSSEW/BOSTON-ACOUSTICS-SoundWare-XS-Special-Edition-Speaker-Each-White/1.html and one of thesehttp://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/ONKHTR580/Onkyo-HT-R580-7.1-Channel-3-D-Ready-Home-Theater-Surround-Receiver-From-HT-S5300-Package/1.html#!more

Now if you were keeping track that is 760 so I did go a bit over... But It will be worth those 60 because those speakers will last for years and years and they will let you get by without a sub for a little while until you can save up a little bit $100 will do it for a dayton or a BIC.

Thats what i would do... or you could buy one of the many recommended systems here in other threads. Energy Take classics etc
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For $700 you can put together a better system yourself. This is assuming you're in the USA.

Pioneer FS51 towers, $140/pr

Pioneer C21 center, $60

PIoneer BS-21 surrounds, $50 after using promo code EMCNANF72

That's only $250 which leaves you plenty for a receiver and subwoofer.

If you buy this Yamaha 373 receiver you get a free pair of Pioneer BS-21 speakers which will save you $50.

That means you'll have only spent $450 so far leaving you $250 for a subwoofer.

Energy s10.3 $229

Kllpsch RW!2d, $299 if you don't mind going over budget by $50.
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How would these setup work in a living room?
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Frogt that suggestion looks spot on. between the subs the klipsh seems to have much better reviews and I like that option. This will be my first surround system and it will be connected to a projector. do you have suggestions for speaker cable? what other accessories might I need? Also is Newegg a good source for speakers and audio? I have built my last three computers out of components I bought there and have been satisfied.
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Newegg is a good source for those Pioneer speakers, some Definitely technology bookshelf speakers, Polk Monitor speakers and a few subs. they don't have a huge selection of audio stuff.

If you need cables, speaker wire, etc go to monoprice.com. you can't beat their prices. Great quality for cheap.

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Bump for the Frog -
been building speakers since, omg, more than 30 years.
if your time is worth nothing and you have a great wood shop -
you still can't build a HTIB for $700
I picked up the sp-21c from the egg on sale for little, and they are worth it.
search for Andrew Jones KEF
if you are talking thousands - then build some Seas Thors and Odins-
otherwise buy some good deals
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