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SVS SB13-Ultra $1500 shipped !! Pre Order..

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This is the new SVS BIG SEALED sub, which means NO PORT NOISE !!!!. This could be a winner, Can't wait for the test reviews. The one big bad thing with the SVS is the digital control pad is in the rear, which makes it a bitch to adjust on the fly.. I would need to use a mirror to read it, I think most would feel the same...

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smile.gif:)Well, my new SVS SB13-Ultra arrived on Monday. Customer service with SVS is outstanding. I had several questions as I considered going with two SB-12nsd subs or with one SB 13-ultra. After considering my listening environment, sub location and what I was trying to achieve, I pulled the cord and went with the one SB 13. The sub was packed well and a beast to carry down to my basement man cave. At 105 lbs. shipping weight and 92 lbs. for the actual sub a real workout! But, worth the labor. Upon opening I was immediately impressed by the piano black finish. I have definitive tech mythos ones...etc which are also a gloss back finish...what a great look! I am not a big fan of the study metal grill and would have rather had a cloth covering, but there is no way this woofer is going to get damaged. The grill is growing on me. I am replacing a def tech supercube II. This is a massive jump forward in the world of subwoofers! The supercube II is a nice little 12 inch cube which is not a bad bag for the buck and was a pleasant piece in my 7.1 system. Not, bad at all...but wow I entered a whole new world of bass with the SB 13-ultra.

I connected the SB 13 via a Cobalt Cable (now out of business) RCA to the LFE input of my Integra receiver. I backed the digital volume control on the SVS sub to -20 and ran Audyssey (8 spots on setup). Then I started my listening tests. Right out of the jump there was a big difference from my previous supercube setup. The integration into the system was seamless with little or no localization of the sub. In my listening I went from simple to more complex tests. I started with a Jack Johnson, "Banana Pancakes" piece played through my OPPO-93. Jackson plays a lot of acoustic guitar with very catchy well defined bass lines. I couldn't believe that a 17.5 inch sealed cube could produce such deep, accurate bass. I went to some classical viola SACD samples and then to my blu-ray and hd-dvd collection. I started with Sherlock Holmes blow-up scenes and then to a couple of Fast and Furious car scenes. Effortless, Deep, Not Boomy! Well, I am sure the sub is just breaking in, but I am already enjoying to the max what seems to be a great sub purchase!
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FYI there is a sale going on right now until the end of the month....about to click "buy" I think!
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