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Ok guys, it's time to take the plunge into painting my own screen. Had been waiting until I sold my condo to build our home theater in the new house. After 2.5yrs on the market, it came off, however I can use my toys again.

I will be ordering the Graco HV2900 as recommended by MM, but I'm confused on which paint to use. The room has great light control as all windows are lined with BOC.

The projector being used is a Optoma HD8000-LV, it has a really different throw from many of HT projectors as I believe it was designed for more commercial use.

2200 ANSI (lumens)
10,000:1 Contrast

Due to the limited space (using front bedroom), I'll be limited to 96"-110" screen. Honestly due to seating distance I will likely go on the smaller side. It will also give me experience with spraying and screen building prior to building a larger screen in future home. As a substrate I will be using thifty white, as it will be an inexpensive test material.

I'm curious what paint mix you guys would recommend with my projo and setup. I'm under the assumption that I'm looking for a "greyer" mix due to the high brightness. However this is just in my reading and would be nice to get second opinion. Through my reading I would assume SFv2 5.0 or RS-MaxxMudd Retro v.2.1.