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Which 5.1 system to buy

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I am looking for a 5.1 surround sound system to buy and install. I am not an audiophile by any means, so the slight differences that some people hear, I just don't recognize. However, I do appreciate good sound and want a nice sounding system. The room is approx 15x15'. I will put the 2 front speakers on the wall to the L and R of the 60" flat screen, the center just below the TV on a cabinet, and the 2 rear either in the back of the room on the ceiling in the corners, or down the wall a little. I would also like a zone for 2 speakers on the outside patio that's right outside this room. It's a small patio, so just enough for some nice music and such.

I am considering a bose. I know what lots of people say about it being overpriced (yes) and junk. The reason I'm considering it is because it seems to fit my purposes. BUT, I am looking for other suggestions. I don't know enough about this stuff, so I wanted to get some other thoughts. Here's what I like about the bose.

- receiver is small (9.3" deep) and fits in our cabinet (cab is 12" deep, so pretty narrow)
- everything is going behind closed wood doors, and the bose is RF
- speakers are pretty small
- i can extend to outside

anyone know of another unit or system where i can achieve the same things for less money and the same or better quality? one of the big things is a receiver that will fit in the cabinet and a full RF setup.
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I don't know of any AVR's that are only 9" deep so the Bose may be your best bet. Maybe some HTIB units are but I don't ever consider those.

I doubt you'll get a complete Bose 5.1 unit for $599 though, not with a receiver too.
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Chuck, not sure of budget but I recently wanted to get a single box setup as I lacked room for a bigger A/V receiver and blu-ray player. I bought one of the Harman/Kardon BDS 770 systems. The main unit is 4" tall, 16" wide and only 10 1/4" deep. This is a nice alternative and cheaper than the Bose-and I am not Bose bashing here, but does offer more flexibility with regards to speaker choices later on if you decide to eventually upgrade. The unit has a built-in FM tuner, blu-ray player, 5-channel class D amps that are good for about 65 WPC, 3 HDMI in's, a component in, and 2 optical, 1 coaxial digital in, 2 analog in's and 1 out, plus subwoofer out and a few other nice things. For the intended market like my situation and maybe yours, it works out extremely well. You can also purchase a H/K 1000a IR unit if you have the main unit behind a close cabinet, this enables your remote to work very well. I think the H/K sounds very good and is flexible enough in most situations. I am happy with mine, take a look. Tim
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What's the budget??
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I am also interested in a 5.1 system and thought about Bose. My budget it from $1,500-$2,000 including reciever. Any suggestions?
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Bart, see my suggestion above on the Harman, while I hate to sound like a fanboy-which I am not, just satisfied, this unit is simple and sounds good, flexible for the most part, good all around simple package without the fuss. I realize one can buy separates possibly cheaper etc., but this is a pretty good alternative for those needing simplicity. I have very little to find on the negative side with this, and for whatever it is worth, I came from an all Anthem AVM based separates system, so I have high expectations. There are a lot of other options out there though, just check them out as best as you can and try not to get in a hurry! Have fun and enjoy the search, and then enjoy your choice! Tim
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