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So many Question?

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ok guys and gals im reading and trying to learn everything that i can but im no math major or anything. So i have some questions and hopefully ya'll can help me out. I've been going back and forth between sonosub.exe, winisd, and home theater shacks EVC. but i dont know have to calculate all those requirements. i understand some is given and self put in there. But my question is how to determine how tall or the diameter of a sonotube i should use? How can i find the volume of the subwoofer? Should i use a brace and how many, and should i cut holes in the brace and what do they do to help? Ok im working with this subwoofer that one gent on here suggested to me for a good price under 300.


this is the specs page


with all that im trying figure things out on my own. thats what i like to do. but im getting stumped and now seeking advice from the pros. oh and one other question is there a program for mac that does all this too? Thanks guys and sorry for the many question. everything bit helps. forgot one more thing, what is a good volume for the enclosure and i could i figure that all out?
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The EVC has a cylinder enclosure section near the bottom, and a cylinder brace calculator. 3.5 ft3 internal volume with a 4" x 21" port (20hz tune) is a good match for that driver.
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how tall and what would the diameter be for that volume.

bro i just left ak a couple months ago. man i wish i was back there so we could run this face to face. lol its easier that way for me. but thanks for the help.
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16" diameter x 35" high will get you 3.9 ft3, leaving you room for the port/bracing/driver.

Bah, I'm ready to leave AK, winter's coming mad.gif
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Haha yeah i just seen there were some bad winds up that way.

Did you run all that on EVC? Or its that the diameter x height or radius2 x height our something along that?
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Yup, just put it in EVC with .125" for the material thickness.

Yeah last night was crazy, power was out on base all night
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ok getting it little by little. how do you determine the necessary amount of net volume to go with that will give you the sound you need?

what squadron you with?
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A modeling program like win isd allows you to figure all of that out.

3 mxs
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with winisd should i check out pro? does that have more features than just the basic when it comes to boxes and other things like that?

nice i used to work the 525 as a crew chief.
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Yeah you want pro. 525 nice, you guys are way better then the 90th
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they both have there ups and downs. im glad to be out of there. to many chiefs and not enough indians. but thats not the story here. lol quick question to get your opinion. i have 2 technics for my fronts and then i have my klipsch quintet for center and 2 rear surrounds. i have the other 2 speakers and not sure if i want to hook them up at all or use them for the front highs. my technics are 3 channel with low, mid, and highs in them. so i was thinking of adding the other 2 for highs but dont want it to be overwhelming.
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You can always try it out and see if it makes a difference. It sounds like you need to put
'build a matching LCR" on your to do list after tackling the sub wink.gif
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yeah i have these speakers for my garage but didnt realize i had them and decided to hook them up and give them a run. they sound good but definitely building some of my own would be real nice. just the wife and spending money kills me. lol
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