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Volare hd 20k bright enough for a pizza business?  

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A friend who has a pizza business has asked me if his Volare HD 20k would be bright enough for image display for his business. The big part of this discussion has to do with it's rated output of 20,000-lumen. And I have no idea what this means when compared to footlamberts or what is needed for proper light output.

I have always argued regardless of light output, once a projector is calibrated, the light output will always be much less. HOWEVER IN THIS CASE...the display will not be getting a proper calibration and the brightness will (probably) be turned up to get reasonable image brightness onto the screen...probably resulting in washed out colors and/or not getting very good blacks...though that's just an assumption on my part.

The screen is a Volare L-74 (74 inch screen) and probably will be used to display about a 60 inch image.

At the pizza place, there are lots of widows, however most if not all the windows are tinted. Of course at night, windows don't matter...however, all the business lights will be on.
Would my friend be better off getting a 60 or 70 inch flat panel display?

Part two of this question... Is the Volare HD 20k a quality product? I'm only familiar with names like Runco, Pioneer, Mitsubishi etc.

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Your friend got scammed. Quietly do google search on that product and look at ebay listings. No pro reviews, not selling at any retail site, no user reviews and you can buy it on ebay either for 149 dollars or 1,400 dollars. What does that tell you?

Look through these threads and it will get you started on legit PJ's that have real reviews and you can buy on amazon, or newegg, etc. smile.gif
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haha - That's one of those white van projectors.

It probably isn't bright enough at 20" with all the lights off...

I'd get the cheapest 60-70" LCD possible if that's the size he wants to go with for business advertising.
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Well, my friend decided to just use it instead for a "Home Theatre" instead of the business.

He likes it though the only problem he's having is the 3-D aspect of it. He bought a 3-D Blue Ray player, a real 3-D Blu-ray and has the proper HDMI cable. However when he tries to play it through the projector, he gets a message that in order for it to work, it needs a device that's capable of 3-D (or some such message like that.)

The problem is it's advertised as being capable of 3-D and includes two pair of "passive" polarized 3-D glasses. He understand the screen has to be of the special "silver" type so it can reflect back the polarized light etc.

I have read within these forums where someone who had a real 3-D TV (I think it was a Panasonic Plasma TV,) he was getting the same error message. So I'm wondering if there's possibly something that my friend is not doing correctly.

I don't know the name of the 3-D Blu-ray player, however I do know it has the latest software.

Is it possible there has to be something set in a menu on the player? Or set within the projection unit?

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Beside the issues your friend is having with the 3d aspect of the projector do you htink you could post some reviews about the overall quality of the projector? What does your friend feel like he bought?
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GREAT! Another troll pushing this cheap crap. We're not buying your lies and scams, take it someplace else. This projector is a JOKE, all you have to do is read the specs to see that. And I'll bet you only joined to market this piece of junk. And if you really paid $1400 for it, you overpaid by $1350.
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A lot of hostility there Sheridan. Do you personally have a vendetta with Volare? Are you a competitor? Are you one of those types of people that gets off on trashing someones product/creation? Have you gone through the projector yourself? Can you please post your proof to back your slanderous comments. Pictures, videos, live to see your face while you go through the projector please. Other than you yourself writing a post on an online forum without proof to back your post. As far as a troll marketing this, whom were you referring to? Someone that had a question to whether it was good? Overpaid by $1350, geez the projector is only worth $50? Can you please post a document to where someone can get any projector for $50. I see similar tooling directly from China unbranded for $260. Oh wait a trademark, the lease on a 30,000 sq. ft building, engineers, websites, advertising, warranty, upgrades to the actual projector, accessories, business insurance, employees, electric bills, etc all come included correct? This is a business with a real product which is a good product. Refer yourself to ebay for reviews, more than 2000 positive reviews and one or two negative. You're very wrong with your outlandish foolish remarks. This brand may not be as big as Christie or Runco or even Ben Q for that matter. The fact of the matter is this, it is a brand. I'm not an affiliate of their company. I'm a business man that sells the product. I also use the product. Yes the specs are inflated, yes there are some people who sell this the improper way. There are people who sell every product the wrong way. Saying things it does not do, or they have no idea if the product does something just because the box says it does. Type in the words Sony and scam into google. Type in Bose and the word scam. There are more negative people just like yourself Sheridan that complain about major name brands then lesser known brands.

In response to Barnman, the projector does not have a 3d unlock kit inside. It will play a standard 3d movie with mild effects. It will not play a 3d bluray. I'm glad your friend is happy as arr 99% of people who buy the projector. Any other questions I'm here to help. If your friend ever has a problem with the projector I can put him in contact with the manufacturer.

In response to RPS13, I find this projector to be bright enough with a few lights on at 20 feet. Just because it's a direct sales projector don't be fooled by the approach. I personally know people who have been selling on the streets for 30 years. They have thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers. The days of the white van scam are over. Every company wants you to buy their product now. Every company marks the selling price up from the price that they paid. Every industry makes money off of us. I will agree some of the MSRP prices are ridiculous on some of the merchandise the white van salesmen sell. It's not the salesmen that inflate specs or MSRPs it's the manufacturers. There are a few bad apples that do skimp on their product, we are trying to shut them down. All products most go through an extreme amount of testing to be let in our country now a days. Factories in China have to be compliant with FCC and CE standards of American electrical systems. Do you know that there have been more than 30 million units sold out of the back of vans in America in the last ten years. With less than 4,000 complaints. 90% of the complaints were because of the matter of which it was sold to them. The actual product works, works good for the most part. Please don't hate on people who sell a product, if you hate us you hate every salesmen from every industry. We all push the envelope a slight bit. Look at the mortgage officers who collapsed our economy.

In response to rgtaa, just because a product sells from $149 to $1400 does not make it a scam. I believe a scam is losing your money. Who are you to define free enterprise?? Every product has a mark up. Ebay destroyed many companies. Many well known companies at that. Do you run your own company? Do you have a brick n mortar store? Do you understand business? Your comment sounds foolish as well. Please provide proof to back up your statement. Videos, pictures, etc.

The Volare projector is bright enough to be used in any business depending on the lighting. They're a nice product with several happy customers and reviews. Most of us don't have time to set up review pages. We have our reviews on our ebay pages as well as have the review of many people in person. The projectors MSRP is inflated. Now a days name a product that isn't? Special sale, going out of business, liquidation, selling last years model, buy it now, we have extras, are all sales tactics from companies to sell their product to us the people. Just because they don't have the money to advertise, direct mail, multiple websites, magazines, does not make them a bad company. The industry has changed, the White van mobile audio/video sales/installations are going strong and are getting stronger. The product has gotten very good, good enough to be sold online. The world needs the high end, middle end, and the low end. We have 30 million customers, we have great reviews in our minds from everyone that we give business cards or phone numbers to. We contact them after the sale, or they contact us. Within any industry there are fleas. We are trying to rid the people who do bad business in our industry. We dislike them more than you guys do. I can go on all day about this. The fact is this, the Volare projectors are a low end to mid grade decent projector. Are they a Runco no, are they a wonder wall no, they're a projector that is in between the good and bad. Peoples opinions are great and awful at the sametime. If you have one and are so dissatisfied I can see a real review that can be accepted. However you guys on this thread are throwing out made up negative posts and have not even seen them in action. You guys must have amazing jobs that give you a lot of free time. Great for you. Anyone can write anything on any product, I'd love to know what businesses you own and the products you sell. I'll give my honest opinion. Not a made up slanderous, uneducated, foolish opinion. You are what we call fake reviews. Or in todays terms a Hater. Please keep your opinions real. Real reviews, real stories, real talk. They're worth in between $250 to $700. Depending on models, accessories, cost of doing business, warranty offered. Any questions email me at ed_smith13@aol.com. I have plenty of pictures, videos, to back up every statement I just wrote. Happy New Year, have a great year, may God be with you.
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For the record, I do not sell or represent ANY product. I only have my 30+ years of experience in the A/V field to rely on. I've seen it from the beginning, back when the hottest thing was multi-synced SLIDE projectors. By your own statement, you have shown everyone that you DO have a stake in this, and as such, are very biased. You have also proven my statement that you only joined just to promote your own product. That does not fly well here or in any other legitimate forum. The mod in another forum would tell that if you are truly serious about this product of yours, you would submit to the professionals for an honest and unbiased review. Until you do that, all we have to go on is your own claims.

Now...I am very busy and do not, will not, read that very lengthy post. But your support of "White Van" marketing says it all right there. I would ask that answer one simple question...do you have service in support IN THE U.S.? And I do mean SERVICE and SUPPORT, as in, if the projector does have a problem, is it repaired in the U.S. or does it have to go back to China?

As for positive reviews, Ebay is full of people who wouldn't know junk from a quality piece of equipment with GOOD specs.
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Originally Posted by Dr Volare View Post

In response to rgtaa, just because a product sells from $149 to $1400 does not make it a scam. I believe a scam is losing your money. Who are you to define free enterprise?? Every product has a mark up.

Put the crack pipe down and step away from the keyboard!
There is a name for that "SCAM"
Since you must not know what the word means, here is the definition.
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What you're calling "free enterprise" is really known as "price gouging", screwing the customer. If you have absolutely no problem charging someone such inflated prices as you quoted in your example then you are not someone that decent, honest people should want to deal with.
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Airscapes you really are something else. Put down the crack pipe?? The only thing cracked out is your website pal. I was responding to his definition of why he thinks it is a scam. I know what a scam is. A scam is you coming onto this forum and being very childish. A grown man/business owner saying to put the crack pipe down. According to you and your definition of scam a person/company can't import a product and mark it up slightly? Wow buddy, you're a very greedy person, a true know it all. I apologize for getting your panties in a bunch. Now i'm a crack head with a crack pipe and I can't be by a keyboard. Name one product that has across the board pricing? I'll be waiting here till 3013. Depending on the volume you buy any product will reflect the discount. Which will also dictate your sales price. Anyone can go into a grocery store and pay $.59 cents for a lb of bananas. I on the other hand go directly to the farmers market and purchase 10 lbs for $.19 a lb. Now in business is it wrong that I cut out the grocery store? Open up a location directly next to them and undercut them by a dime? Kind of how Lowes did Home depot. Or how Best buy did to Circuit City. Business is business. Don't be upset by creative marketing. I put in my post that there are bad apples in every industry. I dislike them more than you do. As far as being a scam I'm far from it.

Sheridan, I was really curious as to why you had put it was "JUNK" and worth $50. As I mentioned you're entitled to your opinion. I accept your opinion, I do not agree with your opinion, however with your extensive knowledge in the electronics industry you are entitled to your own views. I'm not here to promote or sell anything. Quite frankly I do not want to argue with anybody either. I just wanted to know if you have actually had an actual experience with a Volare projector. I understand that they're not the BEST in the world. I've seen junk and these are not junk. Maybe to you in your rich world they're junk. Not everyone can afford private schools and Aston Martins like yourself Mr. Sheridan. Does that mean your child is smarter than mine? Does that mean my Corvette is a pos? Comparative to your Aston martin it is. However comparative to a Corolla a Corvette is very nice correct? I will not compare these projectors to any high end projectors. I will compare it with the low end. As I said the world needs all phases High, middle, and low. This is a nice projector for a few hundred dollars. There are no ifs, buts, opinions, disrespect, that can change that fact. Have a great night Sheridan, all I ask is when you out right degrade a product be ready to at least have a simple debate. As the person that started the thread said the owner of the projector likes it, my case is closed as far as that goes. As far as price gouging, I myself don't price gouge. I sell a product for a minimal profit to pay myself for the work that I put into it. The correct way to sell is how I sell. There are others that price gouge in this line of business, I dislike them more than I dislike anyone or anything. One last thing, yes the units I sell have support right here in the U.S. if a customer has a problem they get their unit fixed in a timely manner or receive a brand new unit.

rgtaa, Did I start a post on this thread? Did I start a post claiming the Volare projectors are worth $3,000? Absolutely not. You are correct about one thing I do have a great set of big balls coming into this room. I'm definitely under powered against the gurus of electronics. My chest nuts will burn as well. Then so be, I'm just a guy that sells Volare projectors and has been in the electronics field for 15 years. I've designed, created, engineered 3 different trademarked brands, I love what I do, I have a lot of customers who love the product. If I thought for one second i was scamming someone I wouldn't of come into this thread or I would not be on the internet at all. All I wanted to do was express my concern with Sheridans harsh words of calling them junk.

Have a great night guys, call it what you want. I have sold thousands upon thousands of units with 100% feedback online and in person. When sold for what they're worth there is no scam. When given a warranty, a receipt, a tech support number, a website, an email address, a texting number for the hearing impaired, when reaching a live person for help, when given your money back if you're unhappy with the product is a scam then holy smokes good fellas I've lost my mind. Any who, didn't want to create enemies, just wanted to state my opion which I'M entitled to. Have fun with the Epsons, Dells, Jvcs, sonys, etc... I'll be watching my Volare at 180" and it looks very good to me.
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I apologize for my typos and I apologize for degrading Dougs website. The Volare to a wonderwall is the same as a Runco to a Volare. They're giants amongst men. One mans trash is another mans treasure. There are two sides to every story and then there is the TRUTH. The truth is Volare projectors are a nice projectors in the $500 range. Until one of the posters on this forum can demonstrate and prove otherwise the truth is the truth. I have compared them with lower end optoma and other low end inexpensive projectors. They beat them handily.
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Come on SCAM ARTIST, enough already!

On the Volare HD 20k, , it says it's 7,000 lumens! :

Then in manual, it's native resolution is 800x600! Guy! You are wacko! That is bottom of the barrel resolution!

And on the website it says "ultimate clarity" 3D!

And the LED is 100W

You are a NUT JOB! I mean , I don't think any LED projector is 7,000 lumens yet.

And you have over 4,995 dollar list price on that web page!

Dr Volare! You have been owned! It's not your grammar we are addressing in this forum room, but your SCAM!

here is the link guys! enjoy!

I thought guys like this operate in the darkness, coming to a legit website and posting your crap, is very dumb. Are you a doctor? Of what? Crap-ola! smile.gif Dr. Volare ... you are priceless, but not in a good way. smile.gif

I'm having way too much fun, with this. I'll stop. This was a fun research project. happy new year.
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I never once mentioned of owning or creating Volare. The specs are outlandish. Did I say it was a 7,000 lumen projector? It's a 2500 lumen projector. I never once said it was a $4,995 projector. You have been owned! I sell it at exact specs after documented and actual testing. I never once claimed that those specs are accurate! You obviously don't know how to read. It's very plain to see you missed the entire point I made which schooled you in the first place. I said "when sold at actual specs for a fair trade price of market value it's a good deal"! It's not junk according to Mr Rich Sheridan. Quite funny how you tech geek guys are so quick to call it junk and to pick apart the listed specs. I already did that and do that when I sell them. You or no one other than Barnman have touched this projector or have used it in person. Barnman said "my friend likes it". Right here on your very high end forum you have a satisfied customer of Volare. You geeks slander the brand, call it junk and talk smack. I'm going to clear the air in some very simple english for you. Without the inflated specs, without your made up farce opinions, without my opinion, the Volare projector is a nice projector from $300-$600. There are 4 different models, each has different features. Please show me a projector side by side that will crush it in that price range. If you can then great, I'll believe it when I see it, if you can't then quit talking smack! rgtaa thank you for your kind words.
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It is fun chatting with you, but, is it a LED PJ or a DLP, because 2500 lumens is way too high for LED.

So you are saying the website that is selling the Volare hd 20k is not listing it's own product the correct way?

This is so funny. I can't imagine Epson's own website giving WRONG specs and then having people selling the product saying to disregard those specs on epson's website, these specs I'm giving you are the right ones. smile.gif

Now you are not still drinking from last night, NEW YEAR'S party, are you?

Is the specs on this volare hd20k 800x600? Yes or no.

I picked up a LG 720p 700 lumen LED and it's the highest lumen 720p made for 399 dollars. And this Volare hd 20k is 7,000 lumens in LED in 800x600 for 5,000 dollars.

You are defending something you shouldn't, but , you are selling this product and you have to distance yourself from the company's own website. Very funny.
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Again, for the record, my children went to public schools and I drive a minivan that was built in 1997. I am NOT rich, I have no idea where you got that idea. But none of that is really any of your business and your personal attack is completely unwarranted and very unprofessional.

So with that, I say...you are a liar and a jerk. You have been proven to be a shill for this pos projector and I am not the only who can see this.

I repeat, submit your projectors for PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS to clear all this up, once and for all or shut the hell up.

Have a nice day.
Edited by Sheridan1952 - 1/1/13 at 8:16pm
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In a way, it is very sad, a scam artist like Dr Volare is taking advantage of people that don't do any research. You can imagine Dr. Volare's pitch, this Volare hd 20k can outmatch any Major Brand PJ in the market, line them up, side my side, and this Tech Marvel is amazing. It' lists for 5,000 dollars, but I'll sell it to you for 1,400. "Oh, you don't have 1,400, well, you are in luck, today, I have a special, I'll sell it for 149 dollars. smile.gif
Trust me, I'm honest! I have 30 million satisfied customers.

Dr Volare, we can read, you said in earlier posts 30 million customers! (you didn't say they were satisfied, though) biggrin.gif

People like you prey on dumb people, "there is a sucker born every minute", type scam.

Imagine what this guy does after the sale. "call the company that makes it, they are such honest folks". smile.gif
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With your attitude and your farce opinions Sheridan it's very plain to see why you yourself said "I don't have nice things"! Your only defense to you slandering a product, caliing it junk, and a pos is your own doing. As far as me being a liar and a jerk, I only lied about being a jerk. Quick $5 in your paypal if a man with your great expertise can tell me which movie I just used a similar analogy from. A shill? Oh please do explain big guy. As truthful as the truth is as I am. Your made up post stating the projector is junk is the only shill, creepy thing that's going on. As far as personal opinion well you said it yourself You have nothing nice". What a great role model. Just who I want to be like.

rgtaa you on the other hand are very smart. I'm sure you do have a few to quite a lot of nice things. I distance myself from them yes, I also am distancing myself from people who call it junk. I said it in my first post there are people who sell it the improper way. The improper way is the way the made up specs reflect. I have never once said that it was a $5,000 projector. It is an LED, it has 2500 lumens. The native is 800x 600, it does shoot a nice 1080i and 1080p picture. I have plenty of pictures if you'd like to see the actual picture it produces with lights on and off. I'm just a business man defending my product that I sell to feed my family with. I don't own Volare, I just wanted everyone including yourself to know that the projector is not junk. To flat out call it junk is not right. You can't have the good without the bad, I understand that. The website has inflated specs, you guys hate it and have never used it. I'm caught in the middle. It works good, it is worth $300-$600. Those are the facts. It is not a $50 projector Sheridan. Have a great night and until next time, love what you do and do what you love. I love selling projectors and someday I will own a mjor corporation that brings in amazing projectors. We all start somewhere. Oh and rgtaa I'm not a drunk. Just a guy that is on the opposite end of someone saying the product that I sell is junk.
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Dr Volare!
You just joined TODAY this web site. And you chose the name " Dr. volare".. And the title of this thread is "volare hd 20k bright enough for a pizza business?"

You are saying it's LED and it's 2,500 lumens.

I told you LG which is a legit company lists the LG PA70G 720p LED PJ as the highest LUMEN in the world 720p LED PJ.

You are even lying saying it's 2,500 lumen LED, and the website says 7,000 Lumen LED.

You are lieing and I guess you believe what you are saying. If you said it's DLP , then that could be right. But you are full of crap. And you are selling a crap product even you say the company is making up outlandish claims.

You are really so ignorant as to not know where the state of PJ's are at? And to join today and come to LEGIT forum room, and have guys here that know PJ's. Every other word from you is lie. You don't have 30 million costumers who bought from you? But you said you have 30 million costumers ... misleading ... you mean ebay has 30 million people who visit ebay. You are a snake. And you probably don't have a family and kids. Made up. Why don't you post your ebay listing? smile.gif
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rgtaa wow man, another know it all. How about it's the best projector for $400. Included are all accessories, a warranty, a tech support number, a receipt, and a hand shake. The only dumb people are people such as yourself claiming to know it all. I was stating a fact about 30 million units sold in the street business of direct marketing. Before the internet craze, before fax machines, there was a way our country was founded. It was founded through a face to face direct trade. You act all high and mighty. A true know it all, a true jack of all traits. I have stated my point. Sheridan can't give me any real reason he called it junk. Love you guys, happy new Year. It's not a $5,000 projector and it's not a $50 projector. It is a real product, it shoots a nice picture, those are facts!
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Well, get the facts straight. smile.gif
You don't have 30 million people that bought from you. A lie!
You said it's 2,500 lumen LED PJ, another LIE.

I'm just calling you on your lies.

Now, I'm hoping people do research and come to this avs link before buying from you.

You just joined today, I have been around here a while. And lots of guys here have been around much longer than me.

A great bunch of guys on this forum section. (until you showed up).

Now we got to lock up our homes and guard our daughters. The big bad wolf has joined this site today. smile.gif

I'm just having a lot of fun with you. Usually the "dark" ones don't play in the LIGHT. Welcome to AVS forum room.

Maybe once people research this piece of crap, they can stay for the legit PJ's. smile.gif
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You stated I had 30 million customers=LIE
You said that the LG LED 700 lumens is the highest rated lumens for an LED projector in the world=LIE

There are more than 10,000 projectors that beat that LG for under $300 unbranded directly from China.
The Volare beats that by more than 3 times the Lumens!!!!
Facts are the facts! I play in the light, I'm not dark nor do I need to play in the dark. I sell Volare projectors for $400, you call that a rip off? Yes the website is a crock, it's for people who do scam. I hate them more than you do. If you only knew pal. I'm not a wolf or someone to even post that foolishness about. I'm a business man defending a product that I sell. Someone named Sheridan posted on this forum that the Volare projector was worth $50 and called it junk. That's why I'm here. I hope everyone on here is a great group of guys. I didn't come in here to start a fight or come looking to do battle with you. I simply came to the LIGHT to say the Volare is not junk or is worth $50. Simple and plain! I own several name brand projectors and TVs, I also own several not as well known name brand. The Volare beats most of the low end name brand projectors, that's a fact. Have a good night and talk soon.
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Buddy, you don't have a clue. That Alibaba.com is china company , selling crap just like Volare is, you already wrote how volare's claims are not true, so is the china link.

DLP and LCD have 2,500 lumens or more , but not LED, yet.

700 lumens in LED doesn't sound like much, but it's where the market is at in 2012 in LED PJ's. Next year hopefully more higher Lumen LED's will be coming out.

So you can see, hopefully why 7,000 lumen LED is so outlandish. Even 2,500 lumen LED is not here yet. Laser/LED in higher lumens can work, maybe next year.
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28,000 LED projectors. I guarantee more than 90% of them have higher than 700 lumens. You have just been schooled! Now add a trademark, a website, a massive warehouse, employees, costs of shipping, business insurance, advertising, electric bills, etc...Welcome to my world! There you have it. To mark up a projector $100 when it's all said and done is a scam? Yes to say it's worth $5,000 when it's worth $500 is a scam, I don't do that. Never have. You have the exact pitch of the dark ones down. I absolutely hate them. HAVE A GOOD NIGHT GUYS! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! GOD BLESS!
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Oh you're right! China is awful. Hope you're not a fan of APPLE or BOSE. Both MADE IN CHINA! Must I keep going???? 90 % of electronics come from China MR. know it all! It's harder to name the companies that don't than that do!
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Well you told us an unknown company like volare is giving bogus specs, and you don't think an unknown china company is not doing the same thing.

Share a legit PJ company with 7,000 lumen LED or 2,500 lumen LED. Epson, LG, Viewsonic, Optoma, Mits, etc. None yet, but hopefully in 2013 or 2014 in Laser/LED.
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Here you go!!!! There are more negative posts on your LG brand then there has ever been or ever will be on Volare projectors. Please do enjoy!
I'll be waiting for your very thoughtful insight on this post. People we have a winner. Dr. Volare for Mayor, lol smile.gif
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yeah, they are starting to show up, but high prices as this point. There is some discussion on the boards about it.

You said the volare hd 20k is 2,500 lumen LED, you still stand by that? yes or no.

It's states on volare 100w.

but the casio is 430w .

anyway, the bottom line is guy, I would trust a legit PJ company, and you are selling a PJ that lists bogus specs and you know they are bogus, so you have no idea if the volare is 2,500 lumens in LED.

That is the bottom line, the product you are selling, and you are not selling a casio or viewsonic. But a bogus volare. With made up specs.
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Its too late to be laughing this much biggrin.gif
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