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It's party time! What's on your big screen?

Poll Results: Friends and Family are Wandering in and out of your theatre during a party: what are you showing on your screen?

  • 25% (4)
    Live concert Blu-ray
  • 12% (2)
    Live TV (including sports) / Pay-per-view
  • 0% (0)
    Sampler disc (such as Superleo's Reference Blu-ray Demo Disc)
  • 0% (0)
    Game system
  • 18% (3)
    Kids' Movie
  • 31% (5)
    Action Movie
  • 0% (0)
    Nothing: The system's not turned on
  • 0% (0)
    Music + Visualization
  • 12% (2)
16 Total Votes  
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We are having some neighbors over this weekend for a BBQ. The theatre isn't the centerpiece of the party but I know people want to see it (and I want to show it off! biggrin.gif).

Given that people will be dropping in and out of the room I'm not quite sure what I should throw up on the screen. I could easily just throw in Planet Earth or some other eye candy but that doesn't really show off the sound system.

So what do you put up on the screen during your parties? I think that a concert Blu-ray would be a really good choice.
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At the last party that we had I put "The Dark Knight" on. I chose it since it showed off the sound system and was also a movie that most people have seen before. That way, they could compare the experience to what they've seen at the cinema and in their own living rooms. Everyone agreed that the home theater beat the other two hands down. biggrin.gif
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It's usually a kid's movie for us. It works as a distraction for the little one's and gives the adults a chance imbibe discuss worldly matters.
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If you want to show it off (as a side activity), a good action movie, but one rated PG if possible, is the preferred choice. Or any Pixar movie it the kids around are much younger. Agreed that it becomes a great "distraction" for the young ones...
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A great concert BR or a BR kids movie like The Incredibles or Monsters Inc. are great both for visuals and audio. I usually only have sports on in a group setting when the occasion calls for sports. If you are not a fan most aren't impressed with sports on a big screen, to the non-fan it just does not have the WOW factor that a concert or great kids movie does.

Of course YMMV and this is just my .02 worth of food for thought. biggrin.gif


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Something that shows off the subwoofers . . .

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Baraka has some of the best visuals I've ever seen, but the soundtrack on the Blu-ray is really surprising, especially the LFE.
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OK, here's what I'm thinking about spinning:

Joe Bonamassa Live from the Beacon Theater
Santana Live at Montreux
The Art of Flight

Plus a few movies played via the XBMC like Hunger Games, Kung Fu Panda, etc.
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I had to say other. Seems like everyone in my family likes watching TV episodes of popular shows from the '80s, '90s, and 2000s on DVD or Bluray.

Of course right now they're watching them on a 31" tube TV and a Kenwood stereo I bought in 1989 cool.gif
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