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This evening, I turned on my Sony KF-50WE610 TV and flipped it over to Video 7, the DVI input. There I have connected my Blu-ray player via a HDMI-DVI converter. This has been working just fine. Until tonight.

When the BD player is off, the screen is black, just as you would expect when no signal is present. When I turn the BD player ON, instead of seeing the warm-up screen and menu, I get a solid purple screen.

I am guessing that the input board that has the DVI connection has gone bad. The other Inputs work.

I've tried turning the TV on and off, pulling the power, plugging and unplugging the dvi cable, restarting the bd player, etc... but always with that dreaded purple screen.

So am I on the right track here? Do I need to replace the DVI input board, or is this a symptom of a larger problem?