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Strange issue with LG47LH90

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Hey everyone! New here, and basically created an account to explain this strange issue I had recently with my LG47LH90. About a month ago while in use, the TV just shut off. I turned it back on, and about 10-15 minutes later, it shut off for good. Nothing I did would get it out of standby (red light, I assume it is standby mode). I unplugged it from the socket for up to 45 minutes, and it wouldn't get out of standby. I had thought about taking it in for someone to look at, but the wife an I are expecting our first, and money is a bit tight, so we decided to wait a bit.

The TV has been unplugged since my last test 3 or 4 weeks ago. Last night, just for laughs, I decided to plug it in and give it a go. It turned on fine! Fully expecting it to go out again, I wasn't surprised when it did about 5 minutes after turning it on. Then, without me trying to turn it back on myself, it comes back on about 30 seconds after and ran fine the rest of the night (about 3-4 hours). I am a computer guy, but don't know much about TV's. What it seemed like to me is that it was resting.

My theory, knowing absolutely nothing about TV's, is that there was a firmware issue. Having the TV unplugged for so long all the residual power was gone, and it finally let go of all the memory it had stored up. In doing so, the firmware may have reset? I really have no idea what I am talking about haha. Any ideas would be great!

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Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I have same model. Luckily no issues like this. I would think firmware corruption would take some sort of a rare event,although it could be imperceptible to the user. Let me know any followup info since sept if your still checking this post . .
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